May 9, 2017

Press Release- for Immediate Release

Contact: Dr. Bradley Rauch, (802) 355-0078


STOWE, VT – Hope and Healing Conference, Stowe High School May 20, 2017


A full day seminar titled “Hope and Healing for Autism and Neuro-development Disorders,” will be offered to the general public on May 20th in the Stowe High School auditorium. Advance tickets may be purchased online at: A locally sourced, organic lunch will also be available to participants.


The day will feature an international panel of physicians, chiropractors and others who will cover the latest advances in natural health approaches, including how to strengthen your immune system and overall health; how to detoxify; how to fortify the gut-brain axis; how to moderate stress through meditation and mindfulness; and how to reduce inflammation in the body. Several exhibitors will also be on-hand, including Wellspring Chiropractic Lifestyle Center, Hyperbaric Vermont (oxygen therapy), Cedar Wood Natural Health Center, Standard Enzyme Company and others.


Conference organizer Dr. Bradley Rauch says, “I decided to organize this seminar because our over-the-top expensive health care delivery system is seriously broken. We are witnessing an epidemic of learning disabilities, allergies, asthma, eczema, autism, ADHD. Cancer is now the leading cause of death by disease in children.  This is not only a tragedy, but also incredibly expensive. What have we been doing wrong, and what can we do right? How can we raise healthier children? I believe there are solutions.”


Vermonters tend to prefer more natural approaches, so Rauch and his team of volunteers have been preparing for a full house on May 20. But they have been met with acrimony from a small number of community members who dislike the speakers that Rauch has chosen for the event. Local M.D.’s, who rely primarily on pharmaceutical approaches, were the first to speak out against the conference. Then, Stowe Today reported that a school-board member was trying to find ways to block the event from taking place.


One local mom, Julia Rogers, also organized a petition and told organizers, “there definitely will be protests.” So far, it is unclear if Ms. Rogers is leading a protest, or whether she has called upon others to organize one. For this reason, a private security detail will be on hand to ensure that attendees can enjoy their day without being harassed.


The Stowe School Board last week told organizers, “we value free speech” and that they have no plans to block the event.


All profits will go to charities, including: Vermont Food Bank (, ANEW Place (a Burlington Homeless Shelter, the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation (supporting fire-fighters injured on 9/11, in memory of Captain Billy Burke, who lost his life on September 11, 2001 -


For more information about the event on May 20th, please visit: