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BOSTON, Sep 07, 05:15PM — Vaxxed Bus and Health Freedom Advocates Begin Arriving in Burlington, Vermont for Special Conference


Health freedom and natural health champions from around the Northeast U.S. are arriving in Burlington, Vermont this evening for an unprecedented event that is both a conference and a celebration. The occasion is the winding down of a nationwide tour of the video production team that has recorded nearly 6700 testimonies from families who have suffered a wide range of injuries and also tragic deaths under the current vaccine regime. The Vaxxed Bus will make its only official stop in New England on September 8, 2017. Families are traveling from Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and as far away as New York City to participate in this difficult, yet important, documentary process.


Alongside the full day of vaccine injury interviews, health choice advocates have organized an all day and evening conference and reception featuring thought leaders from within the natural health movement that will speak on a variety of topics. Jennifer Stella, founder and co-director of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice, the host organization, described the theme of the event. We have parents coming from afar with vaccine injured children, but we also have an equal number of people coming because they believe in non-pharmaceutical approaches, natural approaches. There will be alternative health practitioners here as well. We have the Vaxxed Bus, which proves that where there is risk, there must be choice, with all of the thousands of stories that they have gathered, but we also have a larger group of people who are coming together to honor those folks who have injuries and protect their own right to choose into the future. She added, It is the job of the [medical industry] PR agencies to keep this movement in the minority so that its not a popular movement, because if it becomes popular, then its game over for them. She said that to be effective advocates for change, people need to know the facts. She sees the conference as a forum where people can come together to stand under one umbrella, learn from one another and build a strong community for mutual support. She hopes that the conference advances a positive vision so that people feel comfortable speaking about the issues.


To some parents of vaccine-injured children, the wait has been long to tell their story to a receptive interviewer. For Christine Horton, the Burlington mom of a 16-year-old autistic boy, the wait has been 14 years. At age two, her son accidentally received a double dose of the MMR and soon after regressed into autism. Im excited, and nervous. Its validation and it has been a long time coming. No one wants to talk about [vaccine injury]. If you do, you risk being shunned. Its nice to be around people who have the ability to believe what you have to say. (One keynote speaker will be Mark Blaxill, an autism parent who recently co-authored the book Denial, which refutes industry-sponsored attempts to deny that the current 1-in-68 rate of autism is a serious epidemic).


The full schedule follows

10:00 am: Labeled Warnings and Contraindications (Dorian Yates)

10:45 am: Mandatory Vaccination vs. Informed Consent: A Crisis in Medical Ethics (Sandy Reider, MD)

11:30 am: Reporting Vaccine Injury. VAERS: What is it? (Jennifer Stella)

12:00 pm: Free Screening of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

01:45 pm: Vaccines: A critical look at what we have been told. Two moms share their research. (Naomi Malik, DC and Ariel Brewer, PhD)

03:00 pm: How Congress Shielded Big Pharma and What to Do About It (Mary Holland, JD)

04:00 pm: Corruption, Fraud and Conflicts of Interest in US Vaccine Policy (Ginger Taylor, MS)

EVENING SCHEDULE (ticket required):

05:30, reception, followed by keynote speakers:

Suzanne Humphries, MD - Herd Immunity

Mark Blaxill, MBA - Vaccines, Autism and Denial. Cui Bono?