TIM ASHE (D)                                 

  • (802) 318-0903
  • Please contact… In 2012 , he was for keeping the philosophical exemption only because he did not support religious exemptions.

PHIL BARUTH (D)                

  • (802) 503-5266
  • AGAINST CHOICE. Voted to remove PE in 2015.  Was a supporter of PE in 2012, used PE for his own kids, but said recently they are caught up on their shots. Politically ambitious.

NICK COOK (D)         

  • (802) 849-2159
  • Please contact.

DAWN ELLIS (D)                       

  • (802) 735-1466
  • Please contact.

JOHN C. GIFFORD (R)                      

  • (802) 578-9058
  • ? May support choice but needs to be contacted.

FAISAL GILL (D)                        

  • (802) 923-6092
  • Please contact.


  • (802) 863-6129
  • AGAINST CHOICE. Voted to remove PE. Was seen helping the pharma lobbyists pump hands at hearings.

LOUIS MEYERS (D)        

  • (802) 922-1928
  • Please contact.


DAVID SCHERR (D)            

  • (802) 558-6022
  • Please contact.

MICHAEL SIROTKIN (D)                

  • Replied to our survey – where he answered support for our position on every question but then said, “I voted to remove the philosophical exemption- not an easy vote. So if the conscience part of the conscience /religious question includes philosophy, then my answer needs to be so qualified. Similarly any disclosure should be reasonable and there could be instances of reasonable limited immunity I might be convinced on, but I would never support any blanket immunity. I trust the courts to decide when it comes to liability /immunity. Finally if by “discrimination” you mean barring school attendance, then I need to live with my vote (again not easy). I would not support any form discrimination without knowing more specifics.
  • Contact: (802) 999-4360 / (802) 999-4360