Vermont “Health” Department purchased mercury containing flu shots for 2015

Mercury is not safe. Everyone knows it. Then why did Vermont buy mercury containing vaccines?

In 2015, Vermont taxpayers  purchased 25,000 doses of mercury-containing influenza vaccines (see: Fluzone 49281-0621- 25). Package insert for the vaccine can be viewed here.

Tragically, Vermont State Employees were given mercury if they took a clinic  flu shot that year (see Human Resources Fact Sheet here.)

Letter of Concern Went Ignored

After we became aware that mercury containing vaccines were purchased and administered,  we wrote to Vermont Health Dept Officials and Vermont Vaccine Purchasing  (VVPP) authorities asking them to stop purchasing mercury-laden vaccines.  We never received a response.

Challenged in the Legislature

In 2015, during discussion on removing parental rights to refuse, state employee Christine Finley (who is  in charge of vaccines at the Vermont Dept of Health) said that they ordered the mercury-laden shots because of “provider preference.” She assured committee members that no childhood vaccine required for school has mercury.  Nobody questioned Ms. Finley for proof, or brought up any concern on mercury’s deleterious health effects.

Recent Progress

In May 2017,  Ms.  Finley and Dr. Rebecca Bell went on VPR’s Vermont Edition to try to stop-gap growing concerns over vaccination. While on the air, Finley  announced that in the future the state would stop purchasing flu shots with mercury ; We have seen nothing in writing confirming this.

Assessing the Damage

It is not known how many people were “given” these mercury-containing vaccines, nor is it known how many have fallen ill as a result.  However, systems are in place that would allow for health officials to better measure the effects of their policies – for better and for worse: Vermont has a mandatory immunization registry, where lot numbers could be queried and patients could be found and followed up.

We are glad that, according to Ms. Finley on VPR May 2017, the health department has reversed its position on mercury containing vaccines. We think the patients who got these shots could be  told they were given mercury and their blood mercury levels tested.

In this way, our government agency employees and vaccine purchasing program representatives could act responsibly, and be held accountable.

Further Resources

“CDC Scientist Still Maintains Agency Forced Researchers To Lie About Safety Of Mercury Based Vaccines” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., 2/12/2014.