Vermont Governor Candidates

Vermont Governor Candidate Positions / Vaccine Choice

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Matt Dunne

For choice—believes much more research needs to be done on science etc. He is generally open to this issue. – personal communications.

Cris Ericson

“I guarantee you that I believe a person, and particularly parents, have a right to just say NO to vaccinations.” – via email.

Peter Galbraith

Shared with permission, from personal communication with a VCVC leader:

“When asked about his position on mandatory vaccination ( I informed him that I was an active supporter of VCVC before asking ), he immediately answered with the usual broad generalities:  herd immunity, the need to protect those who cannot be immunized. Beyond that he did not have much to add. However, he admitted he did not know a lot after some back and forth ( he seemed to really listen and be interested ), My impression is that he is open minded about the vaccine issue and is capable of changing his mind. I liked him, easy to connect. He answers directly, it is clear where he stands, he does not beat around the bush, and is a good listener. I will vote for him unless one of the other candidates comes out clearly for choice and informed consent. ”

Bruce Lisman

Was willing to discuss the issue at length. Is in support of mandatory vaccinations. Needs education, generally pro-vaccine and pro-industry.

Sue Minter

AGAINST CHOICE. “supports the legislature’s decision last year to remove this exemption because she believes the risk to public health is too great by having high numbers of unvaccinated children in school settings.” – Minter campaign manager via email and again in personal communications.

Brooke Paige

AGAINST CHOICE. “I believe that it is important for the majority of the population to be vaccinated, those that choose not to do so do not place an undue risk on those who have been vaccinated. The only citizens at risk are those who choose not to be vaccinated and the only obligation that should be placed upon them is to insure that they are making an informed choice and understand the implied risks they are taking.” – comment in election survey.

Phil Scott

AGAINST CHOICE. Like Peter Shumlin, Phil flip-flopped on this issue, first strongly supporting us, then buckling after being put under medical industry pressure. In his last campaign (2014) his campaign manager (Patty Komline) called Jennifer Stella personally to declare Phil’s strong support for vaccine choice. She later shrugged when asked why he changed positions without any discussion with us… “When I see the effects of non-compliance of not having vaccinations, I think it really borders on public safety. And I think vaccinations should be mandatory.” – Scott as quoted by VPR, 2015.