VAERS Reports Since Philosophical Exemption Revoked

Under mandatory vaccine policies, some people get hurt.

76 Vaccine injuries have been reported by Vermonters since last spring, when our philosophical exemption was being outlawed.

View full report: VAERS … May 1, 2015 – May 14, 2016, Vermont Reports.

We are told we must immunize using these pharmaceuticals because it will protect the fragile. But why do our own children’s lives not matter? Why should we be forced to undertake medical risks on our own children for the purported benefit of another person? Or if we choose to say no to a drug dose we do not want, why should our children be deprived of independent and/or public school educational opportunities?

There is no liability for harm or death after immunization. If you can get doctors to help you PROVE a connection to the vaccine they gave you, your case MIGHT be heard in the US “Vaccine Court”.

Are you anti-vaccine if you have concerns about this and choose to say “no thanks”?


Photo by Amy Ash Nixon/VTDigger.