. “Vaccines are unrelated to autism” .

One very concerned Vermont Mom writes, on 29 April, 2017:

I am writing in response to a recent statewide (April 29th) Front Porch Forum posting from Gillian Morgan, Public health Communication Officer, Dept. of Health, Vermont. 

Parts of this are simply untrue.

Vaccines are unrelated to autism?’

I vaccinated my three children on schedule and complied with every vaccine recommended at every visit. My third child was given the 2nd MMR booster only 3 months after the 1st MMR (age 15 mos and again at age 18mos). He was healthy, and within 2 months regressed into “autism”. That 2nd MMR shot was supposed to be given at age 3 or 4 yrs. I filed a complaint with the Health Department and it was dismissed. My pediatrician was angry when I questioned why he was given the two shots so close together (“that’s just they way we were doing it then” is what I was told). He was very angry that I questioned whether the shots had anything to do with the autism. There is zero liability for the vaccine manufacturers if ones child is harmed by a vaccine. I was not told about VAERS and his case was never reported to VAERS. I was not told about the Vaccine Injury Compensation program and a claim was never filed. My husband and I are left to care for my son for his entire life due to this tragic mistake.

Are you aware of the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson? Have you heard about the movement and movie VAXXED which is traveling across the US and now also in Europe? You can see plenty of vaccine injury stories on their website.

Pay particular attention to the Gardasil(TM) injury stories which are particularity devastating.

Image credit: Celeste McGovern, Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute. Visit: http://info.cmsri.org/the-driven-researcher-blog/vaccinated-vs.-unvaccinated-guess-who-is-sicker? for full report.

What autism community is encouraging researchers to look elsewhere? Certainly not my community. 

This trend of pushing more and more vaccines on our children without the proper research is reckless and should be a crime against humanity.

Did you know vaccines given in combination have never been tested? Did you know the placebo used to test vaccines is not really a true placebo? Did you know there has never been a study of unvaccinated versus vaccinated?

Our community needs to stop listening to such untrue blanket statements about vaccines and engage in real discussions about the harm that they can and do cause.”

…Submitted by an anonymous Vermont Mom

NOTE:: Regarding the measles outbreak in Minnesota, which is also mentioned in the FPF post, please click here.