Vaccination and Chronic Disease

1. DTP or tetanus vaccination appears to increase the risk of allergies and related respiratory symptoms in children and adolescents.


2. A study in Guinea Bissau[15] found that children who contract clinical measles may be less likely to develop atopy than children who do not contract measles (usually because they have been vaccinated). Thus measles in infancy may be protective against developing atopic conditions, including asthma, and by preventing measles disease, measles vaccine may indirectly increase the risk of asthma or atopy.

Shaheen SO, Aaby P, Hall AJ, et al. Measles and atopy in Guinea-Bissau. Lancet 1996; 347: 1792-6.


3. “In our main analysis we found that Hib and hepatitis B vaccines were associated with 18 and 20% increases in asthma risk, respectively”.


4.  Are you concerned about the growing epidemic of asthma? What could be the cause?