Testimony to Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, 2016

Please note: LCAR does not post documents to their website. We do not know whether there is an archive as to what gets submitted (but there should be).

In summary, our position was that Act 37 (2015-2016) rule making was insufficient, and moreover, the required parent educational material is still inadequate – an unresolved issue. Here is what we told the Vermont Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules in 2016.

Jennifer Stella –
View VCVC Testimony packet March 31, 2016 (delivered in hard copy to each person on committee). Additional in-person testimony – video not available – recording may be available thru Leg council – copy of material here

Sec. 4. 18 V.S.A. §1122 specifies that educational material must include, “information about the risks of adverse reactions.” However, as we discovered, the department revised already existing educational materials and removed information about risks. In this way, the Department is not fulfilling statutory requirements on provision of risk information per §1122 of the subchapter.

Dorian Yates – (view testimony file)

Sandy Reider MD: (view testimony file)