Testimony Submitted

2011-2012 Legislative Session

House Health Committee, RE: S199

Part 1 (VCVC position statement), March 27, 2012

Part 2 (Full testimony), March 27, 2012

Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules  Nov. 29, 2012

2015-2016 Legislative Session

Testimony to Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, 2016

Senate Health and Welfare Committee, In Opposition to Amendment for Repeal of Philosophical Exemption, April 22, 2015 @ 8:45 am, Room 10.

  • Dr. Toni Bark, MD, MS, Healthcare Emergency Management, former Director of Pediatric Emergency, Michael Reese Hospital (Chicago)
  • Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, ABIM, Biological warfare epidemiologist, anthrax expert, Internist, Mount Desert Island Hospital (Bar Harbor, Maine)
  • Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D., Immunology (Rockefeller University), former research fellow (Harvard Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine) – via Phone
  • Dr. Sandy Reider, MD, Medical Advisor, Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice
  • Dr. F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP, Former Assistant Clinical Director, Charles V. Chaplin Hospital (Infectious Disease; Former Pediatric Director, Child Development Study Brown University, Former Director of Pediatrics, Woonsocket Hospital – via Phone
  • Dr. William Warnock, N.D., Champlain Center for Natural Medicine, Shelburne
  • Dr. Gabriel Archdeacon, N.D., Tree of Life Medicine, Montpelier

Senate Health and Welfare Committee, RE: S9 (Child Protection Bill) Feb. 6, 2015

House Human Services Committee, RE: H98 (Registry Bill) Feb. 11, 2015

Senate Health and Welfare Committee, RE: H98 (Registry Bill) April 8, 2015