Who was Child Doe 77?

Since the late 1980’s, pediatricians and drug companies have not had to answer to allegations of vaccine injury through traditional lawsuits. Instead, a “no-fault” alternative compensation program was set up (see: “Reagan Signs Bill on Drug Exports and Payment for Vaccine Injuries”- New York Times, November 15, 1986). To be considered for compensation after vaccine injury, those who believe they have been injured (or their parents/next of kin) must file a petition/claim inside a narrow statute of limitations, and prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the disability/death was actually caused by the vaccine. Under this arrangement, vaccine injury cases are processed not through the traditional judicial system, but through Special Masters at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. US Department of Justice attorneys argue against the petitioners/claimants on behalf of the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, asserting that the injury was caused by some other factor and not by the vaccine(s). By 2002, 5,400 petitioner claims of vaccine-induced autism had piled up. The special masters consolidated all of these claims into what is now called the “Omnibus Autism Proceedings.” Ultimately, they heard only three test cases. Child Doe 77 was supposed to be one of the “test cases” put forward during the US Omnibus Autism Proceeding cases, but the case was quietly settled. The government conceded the case stating that the vaccines that Child Doe 77 received resulted in her suffering an encephalopathy (brain injury), seizures and “features of an autism spectrum disorder.” Because Child Doe Read More