A different workup for your vaccinated child?

Last updated: June 8, 2013

In 2012, we heard testimony from Dr. Chen (Commissioner of Health and former ER doc). One shocking thing he told the Senate Committee on Health is that if a child presents in the ER with a very high fever, he may not do a full workup on the child if the child was vaccinated, because since vaccines he knows that child is “protected.”

Recently, Voices for Vaccines* also posted a blog article that proposes something similar to what Doctor Chen had explained: that vaccinated and unvaccinated children receive a different workup in the ER. They even alluded to the fact that unvaccinated children might cost more!

*This is a so-called advocacy group that claims they receive no funding from pharma, but which is organized under the umbrella of the Task Force for Global Health (which does) and has doctors who are very much aligned with the pharmaceutical industry on it’s advisory board.

If your child is fully vaccinated, let us hope that the vaccines work as promoted. Because in the ER, some doctors may assume that the vaccines work all the time. The fact is, they don’t. Assuming a child with a high fever is truly sick enough to require emergency medical care, as a parent you should insist on  full a proper workup regardless of whether your child is vaccinated.

What Voice for Vaccines (and others) seem to be proposing is that a full workup will not be done on a vaccinated child. But, what about the rare but real potential for vaccine failure?

Will your vaccinated but very sick child be sent home or perhaps misdiagnosed?

Did you know that HIB vaccine failure is well documented (see: http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/32/12/1700.full, http://www.hindawi.com/crim/id/2012/950107/)?

Did you know that is the ER docs are not testing for HIB they may also miss strains that are being selected for through use of the vaccine (see http://jcm.asm.org/content/42/2/524.full) and may erroneously send your very sick child home?

June 5, 2013: Alaska suffering with invasive illness due to serotype replacement following use of the Hib vaccine.

“When a vaccine came out with very good uptake, especially across rural Alaska, HiB numbers went way down. But corresponding to that, we’ve had in increase in invasive cases of another sero group, haemophilus influenzae A. We’ve actually had an increase, which you can’t see in the report, but the B numbers are much lower than they were years ago, while the A numbers have crept up,” said Cooper.”

Pertussis Vaccine, Background

Oct. 2, 2013

In 1997, the CDC published a report titled, Pertussis Vaccination: Use of Acellular Pertussis Vaccines Among Infants and Young Children Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). In this report they clearly state that, “The increase in reported pertussis cases has occurred despite pertussis vaccination coverage levels that are higher than at any time in the past.”

Today, we are experiencing outbreaks of whooping cough. Is it groundhog day all over again?

Today, whole cell pertussis vaccine (DPT vaccine) is not administered in the US.

Of all the vaccines which have been routinely used by children in the past century, the brain damaging effects of the pertussis (whooping cough) portion of DPT vaccine is among the most well documented in the scientific literature. Created in 1912, the crude pertussis vaccine basically consisted of B. pertussis bacteria killed with heat, preserved with formaldehyde, and injected into children. In the early 1940’s, aluminum was added as an adjuvant and later the mercury preservative, thimerosal, was added when pertussis was combined with diphtheria and tetanus vaccines to create DPT. Pertussis vaccine was never studied in large clinical trials before being given to children in the first half of the 20th century or after it was combined into DPT and recommended for mass use by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1947.

The pertussis vaccine’s ability to kill was first signaled in 1933 when T. Madsen reported two babies died within minutes of vaccination. In 1947, Matthew Brody gave detailed descriptions of two cases involving brain damage and death after pertussis vaccination. But, it was the 1948 published case study by Byers and Moll that gave the strongest warning that children were suffering brain inflammation within 72 hours of pertussis vaccination and being left with various kinds of brain damage. Forty years later, the prospective UCLA/FDA study published in Pediatrics in 1981 comparing DT and DPT vaccines would find that 1 in 875 DPT shots is followed by either a convulsion or collapse shock episode within 48 hours of vaccination.

Biological mechanisms for pertussis vaccine induced brain damage center on pertussis toxin (PT), one of the most lethal toxins in nature. Pertussis toxin is a known neurotoxin, a reliable inducer of brain inflammation and brain damage, which is why it is used in lab animals to deliberately induce EAE (experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis). Pertussis toxin is implicated in brain inflammation caused by pertussis (whooping cough) complications as well as pertussis vaccine complications. Unfortunately, pertussis toxin is also thought to be responsible for stimulating immunity which is why it remains in DPT, DTaP and Tdap vaccines.. Other ingredients in DPT vaccine, which have been associated with neuroimmune dysfunction and may interact synergistically with pertussis toxin to cause shock, brain damage or death are: endotoxin, aluminum, and mercury.

After decades of reports in the medical literature that the pertussis portion of DPT vaccine was causing brain damage in some children, the large, case controlled National Childhood Encephalopathy Study was conducted in Britain and published in 1981. It confirmed a statistically significant association between pertussis vaccine or pertussis-containing vaccines (DPT) and acute brain inflammation leading to permanent brain damage. An NCES reanalysis 10 years later re-confirmed the finding. In 1994, the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, published a report validating the conclusions of NCES, stating that ” “the balance of evidence is consistent with a causal relation between DPT and the forms of chronic nervous system dysfunction in the NCES in those children who experience a serious acute neurological illness within 7 days after receiving DPT vaccine.”

A Ten-Year High for Vaccine Injury Filings in 2013, according to Acting Director of Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation, Vito Caserta.


“He added that the majority of claims filed are filed by adults, mainly associated with injuries alleged to have been caused by influenza vaccine.”

source: www.NVIC.org