January, 2014

NEWS “The live-attenuated measles vaccine is effective, but measles outbreaks still occur in vaccinated populations. ” (Study) Vaccines, the $100Billion Behomoth (Greater Good) Significant increased incidence of autism spectrum disorders in vaccines containing thimerosal – Translational Neurodegeneration, 2013 Dr. Bradley Rauch takes the time and the courage to respond to Senator Mullin in the Rutland Herald New England Journal of Medicine study: Rotavirus vaccine increases the risk of intussusception – (read study) Large trial finds 55% efficacy for 4-strain flu vaccine in kids, CIDRAP News Whooping cough outbreaks are spreading due to failure of the vaccines. Why I Choose Not to Vaccinate my Child, by Amy  Growing Up Unvaccinated, by Laura  What Kind of Life is a Lifetime of Vaccines? by Charlotte Evidence based medicine is broken, British Medical Journal  Mother lode – Superhero sugars in breast milk make the newborn gut safe for beneficial bacteria, ScienceNews   Read More