2013 “Universal Immunization” Schedules

Ah… “Universal Immunization…” It sounds so smooth… Rolls off of the tongue…

With all that goodness in mind, I wonder if you might believe me if I told you that the only immunity in today’s vaccine policy is the legal immunity given to those who manufacture and administer vaccines?

Impossible. Conspiracy. Theorist. Radical. Fringe. Anti-Vaccinationist. Alternative. Medicine. Believer. Bad. Mother. Prepper? Tin Hat Wearer. Bully. Meanie. Misinformed . Arrogant. Child. Abuser. 

How many of you have young children? If you do not, consider putting yourself in the shoes of a parent who does, when faced with today’s “universal immunization” programs.

Firstly, consider the fact that since 1988 (the year that total liability protection went into effect), liability-free vaccine products have gone from bust to absolute boon for the pharma industry, which is worried about their off-patent drug portfolio. The cooperation of governments adopting mandates and investors around the world thru Gate’s Foundation/GAVI alliance has enhanced vaccine profit and makes 1% feel good about 20% return on investments.

Meanwhile, the US Vaccine Policy ~ and its accompanying “Schedule” ~ continues to grow unabated. If it were not for those darned parents messing things up in the USA, particularly VT.

Here is the official 2013 US Vaccine Policy ~ The “Schedule” ~ to which ALL young parent are expected abide by:

As you can see: Worldwide, parents are expected to buy into a Lifetime of Vaccines, as Merck likes to advertise. And there are 300 more vaccines in development. For all us.

In order to make the best possible decision they can for their child(ren), parents are reading labels and science, vaccine by vaccine – as they should do. Sadly, they do not get much support from Health Officials, who for some inexcusable reason, dismiss their concerns. But these parents are most certainly not interested in slowly poisoning or otherwise putting their children in harm’s way, and even doctors usually accept that know that Mother Knows Best.

Except, in this case, with vaccines. You see, nowadays if parents hesitate or deviate from the “schedule” in any way they are villified by the AAP, which has a strict policy on “Following the Schedule“).  For example, in some states, children may not deviate from the schedule by more than 1-4 days or their child(ren) must be re-vaccinated to attend school. Adults without young children may not realize what is changing.

Here in Vermont, members or fellows of the AAP made up a large portion of VT’s recent “Working Group” that made a report to the legislature in January. Coalition members attended every meeting and followed the (publicly) sparce documentation that accompaned meetings. We were not invited to fully participate.

Did you know that there are “exemptions” only for children? 

I will leave you with a question, and that is: Who would you suggest make medical decisions for the children, grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren in your family: Your employer? The state? Your doctor? You and your family?

New bills (H114 and H138 – introduced last week in Vermont and waiting in the wings) – may decide for you. Despite what you think about vaccinations in general. And the bills begin to open up the possibility of adult vaccine mandates.

My friend Charlotte quoted Henry Gadsen, former Merck CEO in an op-ed she wrote last year:

“I want to sell drugs to everyone. I want to sell drugs to healthy people. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum.”

I would say that with the 2013 schedule and another push here in VT by AAP, Health Department and Lawmakers, we are very much close to realizing Gadsen’s goal.

What will YOU do about it?