S.199 Has Passed

WITHOUT the trigger. This is a win. It would have been even better to defeat the bill completely and totally and utterly, but we still have the philosophical exemption in Vermont.

Thanks to everyone who has joined in this struggle to preserve vaccine choice in Vermont on any level.

S199 is an Attack on our Informed Medical Choices

Coalition Members have been ardently educating legislators and standing strong against a bill called “S199” this year at the State House.

S199 is meant to restrict or remove the right to informed consent (and ability to decline vaccines) for all Vermonters – beginning with required childhood vaccines.  It is supported by 25 Vermont senators and 36 Vermont representatives (all those who voted “yea” in either of the links). The bill is was further supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics (Dr. Lois DiNicola), The March of Dimes, Vermont Medical Society, Fletcher Allen/UVM, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Richmond Pediatrics (Dr. Parker), Every Child by Two, The Vermont Health Commissioner, the VT Director of ALEC (original writer of the bill) and several pharmaceutical lobbyists.

At the outset this bill interferes with our ability to make informed medical decisions for our children, should we wish to educated them in a Vermont-licensed school. Supporters of S199 argue that Vermont is at risk for epidemic but this argument is nor supported by scientific evidence.  It is meant only to cause fear and to divide our communities and make us lose sight of the real issues at hand:  parental consent, pharmaceutical freedom and a limitations placed on our medical choices.  Those opposed to the bill feel strongly that they will not be strong-armed into vaccinating – and will homeschool their children or leave Vermont.

There is no need to allow the state to strip parents of their rights to make medical decisions for their own kids. Given that vaccines have known risks associated with them (see package inserts and Vaccine Information Statements, and the manufacturers and doctors are free from liability (National Childhood Injury Act of 1986 and Supreme Court Decision of 2011), it is critical to continue the philosophical exemption.

It is important for all Vermonters to know that S199 sets a dangerous precedent of state control over  medical choice that we should all be concerned about. Help us set the record straight.  

1) Talk to as many people in your community about why it is important to be able to have informed consent and be able to decline artificial immunity induced by pharmaceutical product.  Once we have given away our rights as humans, it will be very difficult to get them back.

2) Send a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper TODAY.