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One very concerned Vermont Mom writes in response to recent health department claims that, “Vaccines are Unrelated to Autism”. Read more…




Apr. 20, 2017 – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Interview by Tucker Carlson

Vaccine Policy – Sharyl Atkisson reports: “Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. briefed members of Congress on Capitol Hill, pushing them to investigate an untouchable subject: the safety of vaccines.” – Full Measure, February 19, 2017 

Actor Robert De Niro Concerned With Dangers Of Mercury In VaccinesCBS Pittsburgh, February 15, 2017

Suit opens in Tokyo court over cervical cancer vaccine side effectsJapan Times, February 13, 2017

Medical response to Trump requires truth seeking and respect for patients – Peter Doshi, associate editor, British Medical Journal, February 7, 2017

Drug companies donated millions to California lawmakers before vaccine debate (read more at: Sacramento Bee)

Dirty Little $ecrets: Following the Pharma Money Trail in Texas (read more here)

Drugmakers contribute campaign money to Vermont candidates (read more at: Assoc Press)

January 17, 2017: US Dept of Health and Human Services Announces Final Rule Making Changes to Vaccine Injury Table

To gain entitlement to compensation under this program, a petitioner must establish that a vaccine-related injury or death has occurred, either by proving that a vaccine actually caused or significantly aggravated an injury (causation-in-fact) or by demonstrating the occurrence of what is referred to as a ‘‘Table Injury.’’ That is, a petitioner may show that the vaccine recipient suffered an injury of the type enumerated in the regulations at 42 CFR 100.3—the ‘‘Vaccine Injury Table’’— corresponding to the vaccination in question and that the onset of such injury took place within a time period also specified in the Table. If so, the injury is presumed to have been caused by the vaccination and the petitioner is entitled to compensation (assuming that other requirements are satisfied) unless the Respondent affirmatively shows that the injury was caused by some factor other than the vaccination (see 42 U.S.C. 300aa–11(c)(1)(C)(i), 300aa–13(a)(1)(B)), and 300aa–14(a)).“- Federal Register

Johns Hopkins University Press: Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, Narrative Symposium: To Vaccinate or Not? Parents’ Stories.

January 10: Vaccines Revealed… watch free! Docu-series featuring physicians, university scientists, drug company representatives, government whistleblowers and other experts. Click here to register.




2016 Election: Learn more about Vaccine Freedom Candidates, here.



  • What is an “exemption”?  Vaccination has ALWAYS been a voluntary procedure in the State of Vermont … until now … (read more)
  • About us – the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice.


Official Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe Stream from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

~ California parents have filed suit against state agencies and state employees to stop mandatory school vaccination law which removed exemptions. [tweetthis] California parents have filed suit against state agencies & state employees to stop new school vaccination law which removed exemptions. [/tweetthis]

~ Travel Vaccines | Journey Boost

~ The Liability Issue. Why are vaccine consumers not warned of product risks? Read more… [tweetthis]The Liability Issue. Why are vaccine consumers not warned of product risks? Read more at[/tweetthis]

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March, 2014

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Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 3.37.42 PMWe believe that vaccine choice is a human right, and that parents have the duty and legal right to make medical decisions for their children.

>Look up Vaccine Ingredients here. >Vaccine Choice FAQs.

>Learn more about the 2012 attempt to remove Vermont’s Philosophical Vaccine Exemption. (link to VTDigger/Vermontbiz)

>2014 Bills to Watch

> Q&A: Are the unvaccinated a “threat”?

Vaccine decisions are far more important than most people currently assume; this is because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” For example, see USGOV official list of injuries/conditions that are presumed to be caused by vaccines and USGOV update plans for vaccine injury table.


Lecture: The effect of vaccines on immunity. Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. (Immunology) in Kelowna, BC (click for video)

Colorado parents fight to keep their right to say no to vaccines without gov’t intrusion. “Parents have a constitutional right to parent their children,” said Susan Lawson, at the Colorado Legislature Thursday re: Vaccine Exemption Education Bill.. here is the audio link… Powerful!

VCVC volunteers have paid for a table so that we may be present for “Early Childhood Day” March 12, 2014… Capitol Plaza Hotel… please join us to show your support! (contact us for more info)


  • State parental exemption laws and vaccine uptake rates did not influence diseases but may influence reporting rates (Am. J. of Public Health).
  • Herpes Zoster (shingles) Risk Reduction through Exposure to Chickenpox Patients: A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review (PLOS ONE).
  • A pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity due to fluoride and other untested chemicals presumed to be safe. (LANCET).
  • “Breakthrough” varicella (chicken pox) occurs in up to 15%-20% of vaccinated children (Medscape)

AND…Coming April 2014… Reason Magazine

The Science Is Not Settled, by Sandy Reider MD ( Feb. 2014 )

As a practicing primary care physician for the last 43 years, and as a parent since 1981, I have followed the evolution of vaccination policy and science with interest, and not a little dismay.

The number of vaccines given to children has increased significantly over the last 70 years, from four antigens in about five or six injections in 1949, to as many as 71 vaccine antigens in 53 injections by age 18 today (the number varies slightly from state to state). This includes four vaccines given in two shots to pregnant women (and thus the developing fetus), and 48 vaccine antigens given in 34 injections from birth to age six.

Each vaccine preparation, in addition to the antigen or live virus, contains many other substances, including preservatives (mercury, formaldehyde), adjuvants to hyperstimulate the immune response (aluminum), gelatin, aborted fetal DNA, viral DNA, genetically modified DNA, antibiotics, and so on. We know that the young child’s nervous and immune systems are actively developing and uniquely vulnerable, and I even wonder how many thinking adults would themselves voluntarily submit to such an invasive drug regimen?

In 1986 the National Vaccine Injury Act was passed, prohibiting individuals who feel they have been harmed by a vaccine from taking vaccine manufacturers, health agencies, or health care workers to court. At the time, vaccine producers were threatening to curtail or discontinue production because of the mounting number of lawsuits claiming injury to children, particularly related to the whole cell pertussis component of the vaccine. Once relieved of all liability, pharmaceutical corporations began rapidly increasing the number of vaccinations brought to market.

Pharmaceutical companies are now actively targeting both adolescents and adults for cradle-to-grave vaccination to combat shingles, pneumonia, human papilloma virus, influenza, whooping cough, and meningitis, with many more in the pipeline. Who wouldn’t love a business model with a captive market, no liability concerns, free advertising and promotion by government agencies, and a free enforcement mechanism from local schools? It is, truly, a drug company’s dream come true.

Judging from what one reads and hears in the popular media, it is easy to conclude that the science is settled, that the benefits of each vaccine clearly outweigh the risks, and that vaccinations have played the critical role in the decline of deaths due to infectious diseases such as measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, all of which claimed many lives in the past.

However even a cursory look at the available data quickly reveals that the mortality from almost all infectious disease was in steep decline well before the introduction of vaccination or antibiotics. Diphtheria mortality had fallen 60 percent by the time vaccination was introduced in the 1920s, deaths from pertussis/whooping cough had declined by 98 percent before vaccination was introduced in the late 1940s; measles mortality had dropped 98 percent from its peak in the U.S. by the time measles inoculation was introduced in 1963—and by an impressive 99.96 percent in England when measles vaccination was introduced in 1968. In 1960 in the there were 380 deaths from measles among a U.S. population of 180,671,000, a rate of 0.24 deaths per 100,000.

The takeaway here is that vaccination played a very minor role in the steep decline in mortality from infectious disease during the late 19th century and early-mid 20th century. Improved living standards, better nutrition, sanitary sewage disposal and clean water, and less crowded living conditions all played crucial roles.

Current immunization policy relies on the oft-repeated assertion that vaccines are safe and effective. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Institute of Medicine, and even the American Academy of Pediatrics have acknowledged that serious reactions, including seizures, progressive encephalopathy, and death, can and do occur. The federal vaccine injury court, which was established at the same time that vaccine manufacturers were exempted from liability, has to date paid $2.6 billion dollars in compensation for vaccine injuries. And there is ample reason to believe that the incidence of vaccine injury is strongly underreported.

Bailey has made the colorful assertion that an individual choosing not to vaccinate themselves, or their child, is akin to a person walking down the street swinging their fists (that is, their microbes) at others. Rather than indulging in broad generalizations about immunization, a close examination of data regarding the recent pertussis outbreaks may help illustrate the complexity inherent in immune function, individual susceptibility, and the spread of infectious illness.

In 2011, there were numerous outbreaks of pertussis around the United States, notably in California, Washington, and Vermont. The majority of whooping cough infections in each state were reported among well-vaccinated adolescents and young teens. There was also a slight increase in cases among infants younger than 1 year old.

In Vermont, 74 percent of individuals diagnosed with whooping cough had been “fully and appropriately vaccinated” against pertussis. Vermont Deputy Commissioner of Health Tracy Dolan stated: “We do not have any official explanation for the outbreak and have not linked it to the philosophical exemption.” In a July 2012 interview, Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease stated that: “We know there are places around the country where large numbers of people are not vaccinated [against pertussis]. However, we do not think those exemptors are driving this current wave. We think it is a bad thing that people aren’t getting vaccinated or exempting, but we cannot blame this wave on that phenomenon.”

It’s clear that the pertussis vaccine is not very protective against a disease that already has a very low mortality, likely because the pertussis bacterium has developed resistance, much like bacteria become resistant to antibiotics over time. In a September 2012 article, The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that “protection against pertussis waned during the 5 years after the 5th dose of DTaP.”

Recent studies suggest that immunized persons, once exposed to wild Bordetella pertussis bacteria, take longer to clear the pertussis bacterium from their respiratory tract than individuals who have had natural pertussis and thus gain natural immunity. These vaccinated individuals MAY then become asymptomatic carriers of the bacteria and vectors for transmission. So those who choose to opt in can also, as Bailey puts it, “swing their microbes.”

Vaccine-induced immunity is not the same as naturally acquired immunity, and the much touted “herd immunity” resulting from mass vaccination is a far cry from natural herd immunity, the latter being much more protective, long-lasting, and transferrable to nursing infants who are then protected during their most vulnerable stage of development.

Understanding vaccine effects is complicated. The “fence” or “firewall” as Bailey puts it, is in fact a two-way street. Persons who receive vaccines containing live viruses (influenza, chickenpox, measles, etc.)may shed these and expose close contacts ( the live trivalent virus Salk polio vaccine has been discontinued in the US for just this reason ). Much has been said about all the “junk science” cited by anyone questioning vaccines (Jenny McCarthy anyone?), but even a cursory peek over that fence will reveal some very good information and science—Mary Holland’s Vaccine Epidemic and Suzanne Humphries’ Dissolving Illusions, for example.

Lumping skeptical parents with the crazies is a way to avoid legitimate questions. Such as: Should tetanus vaccination be required for entrance to school, given that tetanus is not a communicable disease? Why should hepatitis B immunization be required for school entrance, when the disease is found primarily among adult drug users and sex workers? Do we need to keep immunizing against diseases, such as chickenpox, that are almost always mild?

There is a considerable difference between giving a seriously ill child a proven life-saving medicine versus subjecting a completely healthy child to a drug that is known to cause severe, or even potentially fatal, adverse effects, however small the chance. This is an ethical issue that goes to the heart of our basic human right to informed consent to any drug treatment or medical intervention.

Given the sheer volume of vaccine promotion and propaganda, coupled with the cozy relationship between government, industry, and media, there are sufficient grounds for a healthy skepticism. Individual parents have become the last line of defense, and their choices should be respected and preserved.

Sandy Reider MD maintains a primary care practice in Lyndonville, Vermont.

January, 2014

  • “The live-attenuated measles vaccine is effective, but measles outbreaks still occur in vaccinated populations. ” (Study)
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  • Significant increased incidence of autism spectrum disorders in vaccines containing thimerosal – Translational Neurodegeneration, 2013
  • Dr. Bradley Rauch takes the time and the courage to respond to Senator Mullin in the Rutland Herald
  • New England Journal of Medicine study: Rotavirus vaccine increases the risk of intussusception – (read study)
  • Large trial finds 55% efficacy for 4-strain flu vaccine in kids, CIDRAP News
  • Whooping cough outbreaks are spreading due to failure of the vaccines.
  • Why I Choose Not to Vaccinate my Child, by Amy 
  • Growing Up Unvaccinated, by Laura 
  • What Kind of Life is a Lifetime of Vaccines? by Charlotte
  • Evidence based medicine is broken, British Medical Journal 
  • Mother lode – Superhero sugars in breast milk make the newborn gut safe for beneficial bacteria, ScienceNews



December, 2013


~ Pennsylvania nurse, who was pregnant, loses her job after declining flu vaccine (read more)

~ Vermont Health Department prefers education rather than mandatory flu vaccination, acknowledges need for parental choice (watch video)

~ Vaccine Accountability and Injury Compensation: Why Not?  (read more)

~ Meningitis B investigational vaccine being pushed into US college students… (read more)

~ Annual Flu Vaccines Could Leave People Vulnerable to Novel Pandemics: Study – Int’l Business Times


You have the right to be fully informed about the truthful benefit vs. risk for each vaccine under consideration. You have the right to make a voluntary choices (without coercion) as to whether you vaccinate you children before sending them to school.

… print Vermont childcare/daycare/school/university vaccination exemption form here.

Vaccine Freedom Prevails Over Warped Logic

The following blog entry is by Sarah at the Healthy Home Economist.

The vaccine industry went home with its tail between its legs after suffering an enormous and embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Vermont legislature last week.

The well monied effort by Big Pharma went down in flames with the defeat of S 199 which would have eliminated the right of Vermont parents to refuse vaccinations based on philosophical reasons.

S 199 was introduced by State Senator Mullin who just happens to be the Vermont chairperson for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  ALEC is a lobbying organization that works for the benefit of Big Business that provides it with its generous funding.

A complaint was recently filed against ALEC by Common Cause charging that the lobbying organization is evading Federal tax law by posing as a tax exempt charity all the while spending millions of dollars each year lobbying for hundreds of bills in state legislatures all across the United States.

In keeping with the ALEC modus operandi when pushing pet legislation, S 199 passed with dizzying speed in the Vermont Senate, but by the time it got to the Vermont House, parents had organized and started to fight back hard.

Of grave concern was the aggressive lobbying by Dr. Harry Chen MD, the Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Health Services, who had the audacity to suggest that the very reason the philosophical exemption should be eliminated was because of increasing numbers of parents exercising their philosophical right to vaccine refusal!

How’s that for warped logic?

Fortunately, freedom and common sense prevailed and by the time S 199 emerged from the Vermont House, the philosophical exemption remained intact.  Parents will have to now submit letters of philosophical refusal each year and sign a statement that they realize that not vaccinating puts others at risk.  Such measures are nothing but face saving compromise to allow the Vaccine Industry to slink away quietly, whimpering in defeat considering that the herd immunity argument by the vaccine industry is blatantly false.

Will the Vermont legislature have another go at eliminating the philosophical exemption next legislative session?  Not likely, say S 199 activists, who promise heated efforts to unseat the bill’s sponsors so that they are not returned to office after the Fall elections.


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

Source:  Huge Victory for Vaccine Rights in Vermont

Picture Credit

MayDay, MayDay! Our Essential Rights are at Risk

Vermont’s philosophical exemption to vaccines has been available to Vermonters since the childhood immunization act was put into place in 1979 and has its roots in the conscientious objections of the smallpox era.  This is because any medical procedure that carries with it known risk, requires the informed consent of the patient or the parent. Vaccinations are meant to induce artificial immunity, but we must hold fast to our natural-born rights to regulate our own immune systems without interference from pharmaceutical products.

It is an issue of grave concern to the future of Vermont – the parenting generation, the young families who raise and educate their children – all of whom help drive the economy of this state, that anyone should propose removing this essential human right of vaccine choice. If Vermont goes through with the “S199 conference report“, it will be the first state in the country to limit the right to decline pharmaceutical products by predicating rights on an arbitrary trigger that has no legal precedent nor evidence-based effectiveness.

The conference committee has proposed to give the VT Health Commissioner (an unelected official) the sole power to SUSPEND the philosophical exemption if Vermont’s vaccination rates drop below 90% for MMR, DTap or TDaP. It also requires parents who use the philosophical or religious exemption to sign that they are putting their children and others at risk for vaccine preventable diseases and changes the very name, from “philosophical exemption” to “personal conviction.”

The 90% “trigger” has not been vetted with any public testimony. Only the requirement of a signature of a healthcare practitioner was vetted and was found to be not only unacceptable to all MD’s who testified, but also is largly viewed as an expensive and logistically challenging limit on a Vermonter’s free right to medical choice.

Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice is – as always – willing to collaborate with lawmakers and the Health Department. Since our inception in February in response to S199, a lot has come to light. Many coalition members shared their intense personal stories of vaccine reactions, experiences with autism and even death after vaccination.  Three (3) Vermonters died last year after vaccines, and none died from infectious disease.  After such an experience as S199, we see clearly  that the conversation on vaccines and infectious disease prevention should be drastically different from what it has become.

Vermont;s Health Commissioner should be critically analyzing safety and efficacy data and the science in order to determine why states with high vaccination rates and no exemptions available to their citizens, still saw outbreaks of infectious diseases in the last year, and why some children die or are critically injured from vaccines, while others do not.

What about a Vermont Vaccine Working Group?  We could collaborate to work on:

  •  How best to support the families of the two children and one adult who died and others who have been injured, after receiving vaccines in 2011;
  • Formation of a “first response” adverse event reporting system within Vermont and investigation of all reports; and
  • Financial support for studies (securely separated from any special interest groups and pharma) on long-term health outcomes using vaccines.

A working group would of course include:

  • Citizen Stakeholder participation.  At least 10 citizens (eg., a cross section of parents who have vaccine damaged, immunocompromised and healthy children from all over the state);  and
  • The Health Department and a wide variety of healthcare practitioners:  medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, herbalists, nutritionists, homeopaths, midwives, nurses; etc.

Entire communities need to be informed about immune challenged children and the importance of keeping sick kids with infectious conditions out of schools. Because it isn’t just the vaccine “preventable” illnesses that are dangerous. A stomach flu, herpes infection or even a cold can all be dangerous to a person with a compromised immune system.  Vaccine shedding should be looked at as part of this group, and recommendations for staying at home until shedding has stopped so that we do not spread genetically engineered viruses.


Land of the Free?


Save your right to decline vaccines!


S.199 is in conference committee and has deteriorated beyond what we can accept. Language now grants sole power to the Health Commissioner (an appointed and not elected individual) to remove the philosophical exemption if Vermont’s vaccination rates drop below 90% for MMR, DTap or TDaP. It also requires parents who use the philosophical or religious exemption to sign that they are putting their children and others at risk for vaccine preventable diseases.   ACT NOW before it is too late!

from Barbara Loe Fisher:
Informed consent to medical risk taking is a human right.[1] You have the right to be fully informed about the benefits and risks of pharmaceutical products – like vaccines – and be allowed to make a voluntary choice about whether or to take the risk without being punished for it.
More than $2 billion dollars has been awarded to children and adults in America, who have been seriously injured by vaccines. [2]
Vaccine Risks Are Greater For Some Than Others
We are not all the same. People are injured or die from vaccination because vaccine risks are greater for some than others [3][4][5][6][7] and sometimes vaccines fail to work at all. That is a big reason why there are vaccine exemptions in state public health laws for medical, religious and conscientious or philosophical beliefs. [8]
Vermont Philosophical Exemption Threatened
But in Vermont – right now – the legal right to take a vaccine exemption for philosophical beliefs is being threatened.
Two Vermont legislators, State Senator Kevin Mullin and State Representative George Till, have joined with the Vermont Health Commissioner, Dr. Harry Chen, to lead a crusade to take away philosophical exemption to vaccination with two bills before the state House and Senate – S. 199 and H. 527.[9][10][11][12]
Seven-Year Old Kaylynne Dies After Routine Flu Shot
Nicole is a Vermont mother, whose seven year old daughter, Kaylynne, died within 92 hours of a routine flu shot in December 2011. [13]
“Kaylynne was very outgoing. She was shy but she made herself known. She loved hugs. She loved every kind of animal. She was always trying to get her Dad to bring animals to take care of and nurture. She loved her brother and sisters. She was Miss Mom to her little sisters. She was Nate’s best friend. They did a lot together outdoors. She was a wild girl. She wasn’t really scared of anything. She was very, very intelligent. She means the world to our family,” said Nicole.
Nicole described what happened the day Kaylynne died.
“She was a healthy seven year old child before her flu shot. She went from being very healthy, nothing wrong with her, to passing away 92 hours later. First, was a headache. Then there was a fever. After the fever, she started getting sick to her stomach, throwing up. And the, she was cold and she had purple blotches on her arms and legs. We rushed her to the doctor’s office. I was in the back seat with her. My mother was driving and she stopped breathing probably less than a mile away from the hospital. If I would have known then what I know now about vaccination, it would have been a whole different story. My daughter would still be here with us.”
More Informed Vaccine Choices Needed, Says Kaylynne’s Mom
Nicole believes that parents should be fully informed and able to make voluntary decisions about vaccination for their children.
“If I would have known the reactions and symptoms of adverse reactions to vaccination, I would have had her seen immediately. If I would have known about the risks and symptoms, I would have been most likely able to save my daughter,” said Nicole. “I feel that Vermonters need to be educated and be able to make their own decisions on whether or not they want to vaccinate their children and pediatricians and physicians, as well, need to be more educated.”
VT Health Commissioner & Pharma Funded Orgs Lobbying Legislators
The Vermont State Health Commissioner agrees. He told one reporter: “Of course, it’s important for parents to understand the risks and benefits, and I have absolute respect for their right to make their own decisions.” [14]
Then, why is he joining with medical trade organizations funded by vaccine manufacturers, like the American Academy of Pediatrics, [15][16][17][18][19] and trying to take away the right for Vermont parents to make their own vaccine decisions? [20]  Especially when the state of Vermont is rated the Number One healthiest state? [21]
Parental Informed Consent Rights Protect Children
If the philosophical exemption to vaccination is removed from Vermont state law, Nicole and parents like Nicole will have no choice.
Kaylynne’s Dad, Justin, said “I feel strongly about protecting my children because, as parents, we should have the right to do the best for our kids.” Nicole added, “If I can’t get a medical signature from a medical physician to do an exemption for philosophical rights, my other children are at risk and that takes my rights as a mother away to protect my children.”
Vaccine Business A Multi-Billion Dollar Business
Today, the federal government recommends that children get 69 doses of 16 vaccines from day of birth to age 18. Most of these vaccines are required for children to attend school in the state of Vermont.
The vaccine business is a multi-billion dollar big business. [22][23][24] There are hundreds of new vaccines being created by drug companies [25][26][27] and most of these new vaccines will be federally recommended for children, like Syphilis Vaccine, [28] Gonorrhea Vaccine, [29] Genital Herpes Vaccine,[30] Hepatitis C  Vaccine, [31]E-Coli Vaccine, [32] Salmonella Vaccine, [33] Chlamydia Vaccine, [34] Cytomegalovirus Vaccine; [35] HIV/AIDS Vaccine, [36] Tooth Decay Vaccine; [37] Anti-Smoking Vaccine, [38] Anti-Cocaine Addiction Vaccine; [39][40] Bad Breath Vaccine; [41] Diabetes Vaccine; [42] Asthma Vaccine, [43] Norovirus Vaccine [44] and many, many more.
In the future, the state of Vermont could add 10, 20, 30 or more vaccinations to state public health laws.
Should every vaccine that Big Pharma creates and doctors want legislators to mandate be legally required for all children without parents being informed and allowed to make a voluntary choice?
Vermont Parents Plead for Opposition to Proposed Legislation
Vermont families want options, especially when the risks of vaccination for their child turn out to be 100 percent.
Nicole and Justin are appealing to parents and Vermont legislators.
“Do your research on what is in vaccinations,” said Nicole. “Find out symptoms and reactions and then make your own decision. As of this moment, Vermonters have to fight to protect their right to be able to make their own decisions to protect their children. We are asking for the legislators to please oppose S. 199 and H. 527 to take away our philosophical exemption.”
“We, as Americans, should have our choice,” said Justin.
Fight for Right to Make Voluntary Vaccine Decisions
Help fight for the right to make voluntary decisions about vaccination in Vermont and every state. Go to and take action today.
It’s your health.  Your family.  Your choice.

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