February, 2015

NEW! Toolkit – use this information to advocate for your rights. NVIC ~How to advocate for your right to choose.~  Talking Points: (~view~) VCVC ~What is the Philosophical Exemption?~ Trifold Brochure: (~ download, print and share ~) Legislative Update: February Update, WGDR radio. (~ 2/16/2015~) The science is not settled.  (~ read more ~) Pandemic Preparedness – is it about health? (~ ACLU, 2008 ~) ***ACTION NEEDED NOW*** Action Needed: – Oppose H98/S53 “Reportable Disease Registries and Data“(…more) – Amend S9, – crime of “failure to protect” (…more) – Oppose H.212, Repeal of philosophical & religious exemptions (…more) Read Bill Text: H.212 An act relating to removal of the philosophical and religious immunization exemptions H.266 An act relating to evidence of immunization at primary and secondary schools S.87 An act relating to removal of the philosophical immunization exemption S.117 An act relating to the administration of immunizations by pharmacists Which is Greater Threat, Measles or Measles Vaccine? by Jeffrey Dach, M.D. (…more) Is Discussing the Safety of Vaccines the Third Rail of Pediatrics? by Lawrence D. Rosen, M.D. (…more) What is the Philosophical Exemption? (…more) Freedom of Conscience. (…more) “Vaccine choice” is not about political affiliation, or economic status. It is an issue of civil rights and of parental rights. Will you protect the human right to informed consent in medical risk taking…?  (click HERE for information on how to have your concerns be heard by lawmakers…) 2/8/2015: March of Dimes, AAP, VAHHS, Building Bright Futures Representative call for repeal of philosophical vaccine exemptions in Vermont…click here for more. 2/7/2015 – Greg Dobbs: In defense of parents who don’t vaccinate (Denver Post) http://vp.telvue.com/preview?id=T01479&video=226287 Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Read More