Robert Wood Johnson foundation teamed up with the state health dept. and presented to the VT House Healthcare Committee in February, 2014. (full pres here:…/2-12-2014~Karen%20Hein…). 

Hein stated that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is eager to help using their county health roadmaps. She also said that bonds can be made available to towns through CDFI* and that the “Federal Reserve is on board.” She said that grants could be made at the community and municipal levels in order to encourage population health ordinances.

Hein said “let’s do this – we are ready to do this – we could be the first state in the country to do this” and that all they need is support from the legislature. She also encouraged lawmakers to continue to pursue legislation (Rep. George Till used banning sugar drinks and banning the philosophical vaccine exemption as examples of what they have tried but failed at, and she encourage them to just keep trying). 

*CDFI – see:…/db/basicSearchResults.asp…