Pharma Lobbyists Pushing for Mandatory Vaccination in Vermont

The medical industry is very powerful in Vermont. Lobbyists for insurance, hospitals and pharma as well as the AAP, March of Dimes, and Medical Societies all played prominent roles in the effort to remove the philosophical exemption in 2015, which has ALWAYS been available, from Vermont parents. Click to enlarge photos.

Dr. Stephen Leffler, the medical chief at UVMMC (a non-profit 501C3 ) also lobbied… he reportedly made a telephone call to pressure house speaker Shap Smith and also pushed his colleagues to lobby lawmakers in favor of eliminating the philosophical exemption for parents who don’t want their children fully vaccinated. He sent a “Dear Colleagues” letter and directed them to ride one of two buses to Montpelier for the public hearing. Despite this, those supporting choice outnumbered those in favor of mandatory vaccination by approx 3:1.

Rutland Regional Medical Center top brass also put heavy pressure on Rutland lawmakers, according to our sources.