Ok to Ask VT

The VT Health Department is sponsoring “Ok to Ask VT: (facebook page, twitter feed, website tv ads and video).

Many have asked: “Have you seen this propaganda campaign? I wonder who is sponsoring it and paying for it.”

As it turns out  – YOU are sponsoring it. The Health department got a contract executed for $250,000 for the campaign on April 9, 2012 (see page 25, here).

This may seem like peanuts, but remember that $12 million was spent on buying vaccine product and the Department’s total budget for the “immunization Program” is $23 million of your tax dollars. This is not chump change, especially if vaccine policy intends to force you to use product, and if vaccines are largely unstudiedand failing to “protect.”

Important to note that this contract was recorded before the vaccine bill “for more education of misinformed parents who went to google university” had even passed both chambers of our People’s Legislature. It seems that they signed a contract worth $250,000 on April 9th, 2012 to get this “education program” going. This happened, before the “education program” was approved by the state legislature. The Health department got a contract executed for $250,000 for the campaign on April 9, 2012 – before the vaccine bill had even passed both chambers. So, we do not know if the campaign is receiving additional financial support at this time, but can confirm that $250,000 of tax dollars were spent.

Update: In an awards submission, VT health department employees stated the total budget was $410,000 and claimed that “anti-vax comments started appearing after about a month, containing a good deal of misinformation and spamming.” See: http://www.nphic.org/Content/Awards/2013/EntryForms/WSIT-OS-VT-oktoaskVTpre.pdf 

For the record, here are all twitter interactions that VaxChoiceVT has had with OKtoAskVT through Oct. 3, 2014. Have a look and decide for yourself whether the information we have shared can be deemed as “anti-vax”, “misinformation”, or “spam”. Some examples:

We have also had “conversations on facebook.” Here are some examples: