OK to Ask VT: death from complications of chicken pox?

Childhood diseases are more dangerous if caught later in life.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question when it comes to chicken pox. (Read article-1996)

But who gets to decide what your child must do? The stage was set  to claim that unvaccinated children are a risk was set a long time ago  (Read Article-2008)

Varicella disease is not even reportable in 16 states and not reportable in Vermont (source: see last page in this link from CDC).

In 2013, one of the first posts from the new tax-funded Vermont Department of Health facebook page (“OktoAskVT“, not be confused with “NIHR OKtoAsk“) referred us to a CDC report pointing out “serious complications” from chicken pox.

But if you read the link that they provided (here), you will soon see that the adolescent female died of hospital acquired (nosocomial) infections and not of the chicken pox itself. CDC MMWR April 12, 2013 / 62(14);261-263 states:

“Over the course of hospitalization, the patient developed pneumonia complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome, pancytopenia, multi-organ dysfunction, health-care–acquired bacterial colonization and infection (including respiratory tract colonization with Enterobacter cloacae and urinary tract infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa), and sepsis (blood cultures on hospital days 19 and 20 were positive for Stenotrophomonas maltophilia).”

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