Myocarditis after Vaccination

Thanks to Liora Pearlman from Beijing, China – a mom of 3: 1 vaccine injured child, and 2 healthy unvaccinated children –  for her excellent research and literature compilation as follows:

“Vaccination causes myocarditis in 3% of healthy patients (Helle, Koskenvuo, Heikkilaet al.1978; Amsel, Hanukoglu, Friedet al.1986) . Part of this can be explained by circulating antigen precipitating in the heart tissue however people often develop autoantibodies to myocardial tissue after damage to the heart (Rose, Herskowitz, Neumannet al.1988) and this response may be exacerbated by a vaccine draining into a lymph node where the autoimmune process is developing. In either case the myocarditis induced by vaccination can lead to chronic autoimmune destruction of the myocardial tissue. ”

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More studies, about myocarditis and various vaccines.

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INTRODUCTION: Pericarditis following influenza vaccination is a rare complication.

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Report of Two Cases -They reference all the known cases in the literature, and you can dig them up as well.

Abstract: “The authors report two cases of benign acute pericarditis after the patients received vaccinations against influenza virus…

Final Paragraphs: “Only a few cases of pericarditis after vaccination have been published in the literature. In 1981, Streifler et al5 described the first case of recurrent pericarditis after influenza vaccination. In 1997, Desson and colleagues6 described a similar case in a 40-year-old patient. At that time, the Centre National de Pharmacovigilance in France reported four cases of pericarditis after influenza vaccination. Other sporadic observations of pericarditis were also described after vaccination against hepatitis B, yellow fever, and smallpox.789 In 1977, Bloth and Lundman10 described a case of pleuroperimyocarditis caused by immunization with bacterial anticatarrh vaccine, with circulating immune complexes in the patient’s serum. Such bacterial vaccine etiology had not previously been described. In any case, the reason that the vaccination is the suspected cause relates to the chronology of the complication, as well of the resolution, and the fact that no other viral causes were encountered. In the previous reports, the vaccine antigens were not even found in the patient’s serum. The hypothetical mechanisms of immunologic systemic reactivity were not proven because of the rarity of the disease. All cases were described after a first injection of the influenza vaccine. A provocative test should probably help us to find the real mechanisms for this rare illness. For ethical reasons, such a test has not been performed.
In conclusion, such cases of patients with pericarditis after influenza vaccination are rare, but the true incidences of the illness are probably underestimated. However, this complication does not outweigh the beneficial effects of the influenza vaccination in patients at risk.”
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