Measles in Vermont

Updated: January 14, 2015

Originally published: July 5, 2014

On July 3, 2014, WCAX ran a story titled, “Vermont Health Officials Warn of Measles Spread.” In it, politically connected pediatrician Joe Hagan, who has been working with the health department and the CDC and DCF in child death investigations, said: “Measles vaccine is absolutely positively safe.” Dr. Hagan did not mention that the measles vaccine is not available in Vermont; it comes only in combination shots (ref).  VPR also ran a story on the same day.

Pediatricians like Dr. Hagan have been indemnified from all vaccine product liability by the federal government. Because of this, Dr. Hagan probably does not know that measles containing vaccines have sent 13 Vermonters to the ER in the last 4 years. Most reactions are never reported.

Vaccine promoters in Vermont and elsewhere (non-profits, gov’t agencies, health commissioners, pediatricians) regard these reports as coincidental.

A recent July 3, 2014 WCAX story sounded a lot like the June 21, 2011 WCAX story, titled, “Health officials warning of measles in Central Vermont.”  It was not until Senator Kevin Mullin of Rutland and Rep. George Till of Jericho tried to run a bill removing Vermont parental rights in 2012 – that a VT parent came forward, explaining first by email and later at the public hearing (listen):

“Over the early part of summer the news reported that a child had exposed many to the measles. This child had been at the McDonalds in Berlin, and at the East Barre Chicken BBQ. What the news did not report, even though I emailed them and told them, my child in fact did NOT expose anyone. He had a reaction to his vaccine, which he had 10 days prior to his “breakout.” During this time frame he NEVER was contagious All of which, is documented in his medical file. Why wouldn’t the News report the outcome? I believe they didn’t because at the time I was unwilling to be interviewed. People had strong feelings about this, and I in no way wanted to add fuel to the fire. I just wanted things to be normal. Did I truthfully think twice about it? I had my own opinions on how things were handled, kept them to myself, and went back to our normal life once he was given the clear. In closing, if you are thinking of signing this bill in any way because of our own Central Vt. “outbreak” please reconsider, as there was never an “outbreak”. Just a little boy who had a reaction to his vaccine, and in turned caused fear, and panic in parents who then went to their Dr. and had children vaccinated BEFORE they should have been. Needless to say, he wont be getting his 2nd dose of that vaccine, and that’s my choice.”

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