Mandatory Vaccination Pushers Say, “No Substantial Evidence” of Adolescent Deaths After Vaccination.

On 2/18/2016 pharma-funded Every Child by Two  presented a study to parents on their Vaccinate Your Family facebook campaign page.  “Perhaps you’ve worried” they say,  “about the stories you’ve heard. A teen is vaccinated and shortly afterwards mysteriously dies. While there are people who will try to convince you that these unfortunately-timed deaths are related to recent vaccinations, there is no substantial evidence that this is the case.” They then link to what they claim to be “one of the largest investigations into the association between vaccination and death” and say the study provides, “the evidence needed to breath easier. Deaths among individuals 9-26 years of age are not occurring more frequently among those recently vaccinated.”  They then link to a Helio article written by Will Offit Abstract of the study is here (you have to pay for full access).

My first thought was that there must be something they are trying to “debunk” (cover up). So I went to VAERS and searched for reported deaths in 6-29 yr olds (cannot get exact breakdown on VAERS as they did in study). Here are some recent reports and the link to the entire report I pulled.

VAERS-2015-HPV-14yr-3days VAERS-2014-Men-17yr-517daysbreakthrough VAERS-2015-Tdap-10yr-1day VAERS-HPV-2010-15yr-127days

Are these reports fake? Rumors? Coincidence? Or are they reports from grieving parents and responsible healthcare professionals who are following the law and reporting these adverse events? 

-Jennifer Stella