KidsVax Contract

Coming soon: “Universal Immunizations” to be purchased by the Health Dept. and supplied to doctors, paid for by _______?

This is the “new Hampshire Model” – note that many, many more vaccines have been added beyond what is currently required for school in Vermont.

This universal purchase will enable funding and trigger more vaccines required for our children.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 11.44.02 AM


(PS: “fully immunized” is a changing goalpost = more vaccine$ to be added.)



And check out the priced of some of the news vaccines – no wonder costs are skyrocketing! Not to mention the number of hospital visits after vaccination in Vermont. HIB vaccine does not seem to have made any different at all in the number of cases in the last 5 years. At over $100 a dose, and nearly $500 per child, you would hope that cost calculations have been carefully analyzed.

The price list is, of course incomplete. The CDC recommends the flu vax every year and that is not shown on this chart. Also missing are TD, polio HIB and other vaccines are missing so it is not a full disclosure of costs. This chart was used in a VT sales pitch.

The Vermont Health Department yesterday (Aug. 28, 2013) refused to answer questions as to which vaccines will be purchased and at what costs. According to Vaccine Choice advocate Laura Condon of NH, the more vaccines the state purchases through the CDC the more money the CDC gets and the more grant monies are awarded to the state to push and purchase even more vaccines.

And what about your ability to say no? Insurers who will be reimbursing physicians for giving the shots said on an August 28, 2013 conference call that they would like to see it be a “requirement for providers to participate in the program” and that “patients under Bluerprint for Health” must also participate. Whatever that means.