If you have been or are being harassed because of your decision to not use or delay vaccines, know that you have rights.

Please fill out a vaccine harassment feedback form and consider filing a report with the Vermont Board of Medical Practice (form: http://healthvermont.gov/hc/med_board/documents/ComplaintForm.pdf).

First of all, there are exemptions available for vaccine mandates. So if a health provider or school nurse tells you that a vaccine is MANDATORY or that your child can’t go to school unless they are fully vaccinated, they are not telling you the truth – there are legal exemptions to vaccination.

Secondly, if anyone tells you that you are abusing your child or if they threaten to call chid welfare services/department of children and families, or actually files a false report, know that you have the legal right to refuse a vaccine and refusing to consent to a vaccine by itself in Vermont is not considered abuse. You have rights and remedies under the law.

You can also post your harassment incident on the National Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall ~ HERE

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