Inflammation after vaccination

In pregnancy: 

Inflammatory Responses to Trivalent Influenza Virus Vaccine Among Pregnant Women. 2011, Vaccine

  • “Trivalent influenza virus vaccination elicits a measurable inflammatory response among pregnant women. There is sufficient variability in response for testing associations with clinical outcomes. As adverse perinatal health outcomes including preeclampsia and preterm birth have an inflammatory component, a tendency toward greater inflammatory responding to immune triggers may predict risk of adverse outcomes, providing insight into biological mechanisms underlying risk.”

Optic Neuritis: 

A literature review on optic neuritis following vaccination against virus infections. 2013, Autoimmun Review

  • “the existence of a possible causal link between vaccines…should not be totally disregarded”

Note that Dr. Andrew Wakefield caused such a big stir not necessarily because of a link to autism, but more for shining a light on any potential link to inflammatory bowel conditions, autism and vaccines… as explained well in

Environmental Risk Factors for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: (Gastroenterol Hepatol 2010):

“The live attenuated measles vaccine has also been explored as a risk factor for IBD. Although one study demonstrated a relationship between the measles vaccine and IBD,112 this association has not been reproduced in subsequent studies.113-115Consequently, the available evidence does not support an association between IBD and measles infection or measles-containing vaccination.”

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