Immunization Data – Where is it?

Immunization Data – Where is it?

2014-2015 immunization data – the current school year data…. where is it?

On Feb 23rd, 2015, Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice policy analyst requested the 2014-2015 immunization data from the Vermont Department of Health (“VDH”). In their response dated Feb 25th, the VDH said they didn’t have the data because they sent in to UMass.

On April 19th, we sent a second request. In their response dated April 21st, VDH invoked a 10-day statutory delay to consult with the AG. They could have done this consultation anytime after Feb 23rd.

Are these intentional delay tactics?

The data had left the state and apparently VDH has not retained copies and has had no access to it for several months during the debate in the General Assembly. In their first response, the VDH said they would have the data back by the end of March, now it is the end of April. Meanwhile the philosophical vaccine exemption hangs in the balance with many representatives saying they will vote for a repeal of the exemption, stating that our rates are declining and that we do not have “herd immunity.”