HPV9 contains even more aluminum

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“While analysts estimate the new vaccine could rake in $1.9 billion a year at its peak, much of its potential market share will come at Gardasil’s expense. Leerink has estimated the old vaccine will sink to just $525 million in 2018 sales for the New Jersey pharma giant– But Merck may be able to amp up Gardasil 9’s haul if it can overcome some of the uptake issues that have been plaguing the original shot since it hit the market.”


“Gardasil, the darling of Merck’s ($MRK) vaccines unit, has proved a valuable moneymaker, hauling in $2.17 billion worldwide last year to rank second on the world’s best-selling vaccines list…. In an interview, a Merck spokesperson said the company is trying to get cozier with healthcare professionals, consumers and the broader public health community to raise awareness about how vaccination can guard against certain cancers and other HPV-related diseases. Our efforts include medical education for healthcare providers, print advertising, in-office media, and patient education materials, with additional programs to help ensure individuals receive all three recommended doses of Gardasil,” a Merck representative said.”