Hope and Healing | May 20, 2017 | Stowe, Vermont


Del Bigtree

Del is an award winning medical journalist. He produced the popular talk show “The Doctors” and left the show to co-produce the documentary film, “VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe.” VAXXED tells the story of collusion, corruption, and fraud at the CDC and features interviews with scientists, pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children. The film has been shown in over 500 cities across the nation (including a dozen shows here in Vermont), and throughout the world. Del is an inspirational and passionate speaker – but also the son of a minister and a man of peace. This is his second visit to Vermont (he joined us for a screening of VAXXED in Burlington last November), and we are looking forward to seeing him again.

Del will present: Love vs. Fear.

Dr. Jack Wolfson

Jack Wolfson D.O. is a board-certified cardiologist with over 12 years in practice. He was a senior partner with a large, multi-specialty cardiovascular group for 10 years performing angiograms, pacemakers, and cardiac ultrasound. In 2012, he opened Wolfson Integrative Cardiology, a private practice where the focus is on using nutrition, supplements, and chemical avoidance/detoxification. Dr. Jack was raised in Chicago where he did all of his medical training. He presented last summer at the Nourish Vermont: Traditional Foods and Health Gathering, and we look forward to welcoming him once again to the Green Mountain State.

Dr. Jack will present: Leaky Gut, Leaky Heart, Leaky Brain.

Jeff Hays

Founder of Capstone Entertainment, Jeff has been producing films for over twenty years. He is perhaps best known for his controversial documentary “FahrenHype 9/11” but also produced “On Native Soil”, which was short-listed for Academy Award nomination in 2005. His film “Doctored” was released in 2012, revealing the unseen tactics of the medical establishment and exposing deception and criminality at the highest levels of the American Medical Association (AMA). After “Doctored”, Jeff produced a follow up film called “Bought”, taking a deep dive into the business of Big Pharma, the controversies with vaccines and the truth about GMOs in America’s food supply.

Jeff will present: How Your Food and Your Health Have Been Bought and Doctored. 

Sherri Tenpenny

Sherri J. Tenpenny, D.O. is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Prior to her career in alternative medicine, Dr. Tenpenny served as Director of the Emergency Department at Blanchard Valley Regional Hospital Center in Findlay, Ohio, from 1987 to 1995. In 1994, she and a partner opened OsteoMed, a medical practice limited to the specialty of osteopathic manipulative medicine. In 1996, Dr. Tenpenny founded Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center. She is internationally known as an expert in problems associated with vaccines.

Dr. Sherri will present:  Vaccines 101: The Science You Need to Know.

Sukhi Muker

Sukhi Muker, D.C. is joining us from the Centre for Optimal Living in West Vancouver, BC, where he has been serving his patients for the last past 14 years. He truly has a passion for living and being fully alive, and embraces a rare view of health, healing and human potential, which he will share with participants on May 20th. He is not only an advocate of Optimal Living, but practices what he teaches everyday and seeks to empower generations of families to not just survive, but thrive.

Dr. Sukhi will present:  Maximizing Health, Healing and Human Potential.

Bradley Rauch

Bradley Rauch, D.C. is conference sponsor and owner of Stowe Chiropractic as well as the soon-to-be-opened Vermont Center for Autism and Neuro-developmental Disorders. Dr. Brad has 37 years experience and is committed to promoting health and living a drug-free lifestyle. He has a passion for helping people live optimal lives, with a focus in helping you and your family with acute and chronic health problems while maximizing body function and health. In addition to his own happy family and busy practice, Dr. Brad runs international humanitarian health care trips and is the co-founder of an orphanage in Haiti, supporting 29 Haitian children.

Dr. Brad will present: Chiropractic. Improving Brain Function, Naturally.

We are also thrilled to be adding Edwards Smith to our program!

Edwards Smith, MD is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, was board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology and practiced those specialties in private practice for 15 years. For seven of those years he was an assistant professor of medicine at Eastern Virginia School of Medicine. He has been an associate professor of Physiology at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa and president of the Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique for 27 years and and has an honorary Doctor of World Peace from Maharishi Vedic University, Vlodrop, Netherlands. Dr. Smith has been teaching the TM technique in Burlington for the past 5 years.

Dr. Edwards will present: Transcendental Meditation and Autism.