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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 (open to the public)

2:00 pm, Dept. of Health, Conf. Rm. 3B, 108 Cherry St., Burlington

Dept. of Health – Interim Working Group On Protecting Immunocompromised Students and Students with Special Health Needs

Department of Health and others will explain their position and present their working group on why children must be protected from those who use vaccine exemptions. This working group was legislated as requested by the anti-choice lobby, and was formally titled in Act 157 as the “INTERIM WORKING GROUP ON PROTECTING IMMUNOCOMPROMISED STUDENTS AND STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL HEALTH NEEDS.”

Group Members

(Note: Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice requested to have a seat at the table to participate in this working group, but the request was denied.)

Breena Holmes, MD, MCH Director (Commissioner of Health designee): co-chair
Kate Cassi O’Neil, DOE (commissioner of education designee): Co-chair
Barbara Frankowski, MD, medical professional specializing in pediatric care
William Raszka, MD, medical professional with training and experience treating immunocompromised patients
Jeff Francis, executive director of Vermont Superintendents Association
Brenda Perkins, RN: member of Vermont-National Education Association
Members who are not a part of the working group will be given a chance to speak either at the end or the beginning of the meeting and will be permitted to listen in on the proceedings of the group.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2012 (open to the public)

9:30-11:30 am, Dept. of Health, Conf. Rm. 3B, 108 Cherry St., Burlington

Dept. of Health – PUBLIC HEARING

Proposed regulations interpreting ACT 157 (the vaccine bill that was signed by Gov. Shumlin) have been written. See: Note that while we worked in earnest with lawmakers to have the “risk of adverse reaction to vaccination” be added to the bill – not a shred of scientific evidence on vaccine education, and information on risks of adverse reactions was in the materials developed by the health department.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25/26, 2012 (All participants must register prior to October 15)

9:00-5:00 pm, Lake Morey Resort

2012 VT School Board Association /VT Superintendants Association Annual Conference. Health Commissioner Harry Chen will make opening remarks at this annual conference which is supposed to be dedicated to our community’s schools. Note that the Health Department will be looking to VBSA and VSA to implement their vaccine agenda in the classrooms.

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