Election 2014 Update


**Vaccine Choice Voting Records: Senator S199 Voting Record – House of Reps S199 Voting Record (note: all those who voted “yea” in either of the links voted to remove Vermont’s philosophical exemption in 2012).


Update on Phil Scott for Lieutenant Governor: Campaign manager (Rep. Patti Komline) called (3:30 pm on Nov 3rd) pm on his behalf. She said, he “did say that” at the debate and he was for removing the exemption last time, but now that the law is where it is, he is fine with the law as it is and won’t do anything to it. Komline said she cannot remember where she stood on this issue when it came up last time but she was pretty sure she was with us (note: she was not) – She added that she just spoke with someone else who called about vaccine choice, and that she has learned a great deal since the time when she remembers saying “of course all kids should be vaccinated” & cannot believe how many vaccines kids get these days. She thanked us for bringing increased awareness to this issue and said she just had an animated discussion with Phil Scott on the issue and that she knows that things have changed and she appreciates our work.

Update on Dean Corren for Vermont Lt. Governor: Dean spent two hours talking with us about vaccine choice. At the outset, he told us he would be “willing to exercise state police powers” on school immunization policy, clarifying that, “if there is a scientific basis for society to be immunized then I have no problem removing the exemption and requiring it.” He seems smart and willing to work with us/talk to us/look at the science, and was appalled to learn there is no liability or full disclosure/informed consent, telling us he would be willing to talk more about that and try to find solutions. He is of the thinking that we live in a society and we should think about vaccines that are necessary “even if there are some bad outcomes” in order to be sure the rates stay high…but also seems capable of learning more about this complicated and important issue. You can email Dean at [email protected] with your own (polite, intelligent) questions, concerns, comments.

Bernie Sanders: JS ran into Bernie today randomly in Burlington on 11/3/2014 who was with his Chief of Staff. As soon as the words “I run the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice” came out of her mouth he said, “vaccine choice” then got terse and said I am really short on time …And let me tell you I am generally in favor of vaccines. “So are we” she said, “we vaccinated our kids but they had bad reactions and so all we are asking is to keep that choice alive.” Look, he says, like I said I have very little time.. JS said thats ok I understand… it’s just that we have about 1200 vermonters in our coalition who are wondering who will support choice when they vote. He said he would be glad to have a conversation some other time and his nice chief of staff said that we should call Lori in his office. So, for those so inclined, Lori Kearns at Friends of Bernie Sanders office can be reached to listen to your polite, intelligent concerns about vaccine choice at (202) 224-5141http://congress.org/congressorg/mlm/congressorg/bio/staff/?id=594

Candidates for Governor: Diamondstone, Feliciano and Shumlin support parental authority on vaccine decisions (VPR, listen from 1:16:50-1:18:05) – September 23, 2014.

Candidates for Lt. Governor: Brown, Corren and Scott all say they would eliminate the philosophical exemption (VPR, listen from  Listen from 1:19:53 – 1:20:50) – October 28, 2014. 

  • Phil Scott: “I am in favor of vaccination and would eliminate that exemption.”
  • Dean Corren: “The word philosophical exemption does harm to the word philosophy.”
  • Pat Brown: “I am for vaccinations. Some you can safely forego… Eliminate it – yes.”