Dear Friends of Choice in Vermont,


Once again, the VT legislature has decided to try and eliminate the philosophical exemption (PE) (and religious exemption too) to vaccines.

The recent national media firestorm has created an atmosphere of demonizing any one who is for choice (whether they vaccinate or not) and fear-mongering about an outbreak of statistically very small numbers. Last year there were 644 cases of measles and it barely made any news. But the recent outbreak is being used to attack philosophical exemptions around the country.

The issue here is one of choice—the choice to make decisions for our families—and ourselves—about what goes into our bodies. This holds true for any medical procedure or food—we need transparency, safety and choice in our laws.

Even if you don’t have school-age children, please voice your support for choice. If they are successful in removing the PE for children, the next legal battle will be eliminating the right of adults to choose as well.

What you can do:

Bills in the VT Senate and House* have been introduced to remove the PE (House removes religious as well!). Neither Speaker of the House, Shap Smith nor Governor Shumlin want to revisit this issue so they need to see that Vermonters are for choice.

Please take a moment to email or call your representatives now and let them know that you are pro-choice.

The overall message is simple:

CHOICE. Express your support for all medical choice and informed consent. Ask them to please maintain the right to make medical decisions for yourself and your family and to please keep the philosophical exemption allowing choice.

IMPORTANT to also write Governor Shumlin,  Lt. Governor Phil Scott, and Shap Smith, Speaker of the House

Find your Representatives and Senators here:
Shap Smith, Speaker of the House: phone (802) 828-2245
To email, you have to use the Website form—link to the email form for Shap Smith:
Governor Shumlin: Phone: 802 828-3333
To email, you have to use the Website form —
Lt. Governor Phil Scott (he said he would leave PE alone at election time, now calling for elimination:Phone:(802) 828-2226; email form:

House bill is H.212 NOTE: The House bill removes the religious exemption as well!!!
Senate bill is S.87

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