Are the “unvaccinated” a threat?

First of all, most children with exemptions on file are not “unvaccinated” – they are often only missing one or two shots. In fact, vaccination rates in Vermont are at some of the highest levels they have ever been in history.

If vaccines are effective, how can it be that a person unvaccinated for a given shot, could be a threat to a vaccinated person who has received his/her shots?

Consider what happens when an American travels internationally to an area where the vaccination rates are much lower than the US, or even non-existent. Does the State Department or CDC give you a pamphlet that says, “Warning- you are travelling to an area with endemic diseases and no vaccination program. Every unvaccinated person is a mortal threat to you”? Or maybe, “ Since you will be in an area with no vaccine herd immunity you must consider your vaccines to be virtually worthless”? No. You are reminded that vaccines can be very effective at suppressing infection, and encouraged to either get booster vaccines or a test to be certain you still have coverage.