Bills to Watch

updated 2/22/2017

H.247 has been assigned to the Vermont House Healthcare Committee. This bill would require the Dept. of Health to submit an annual report to the Legislature regarding adverse vaccine reactions reported to VAERS. At this time, we ask that you please be sure to use this easy link to send thank you notes to the sponsors. They are doing the right thing by asking for greater transparency on this issue.

To prevent vaccine reactions and associated injuries, other improvements could be made. For example:
1)  Health care providers are informed of vaccine risks by way of the FDA required labeling. Vermont consumers (including parents visiting a pediatrician’s office) should similarly, be adequately warned with package inserts, since current “VIS” sheets are not enough.
2) The human right and parental right to make a fully informed vaccine choice should also be codified into Vermont law… The right to say, “no thanks” to an injectable biologic, without coercion (such as loss of an education or loss of a job), would then be fully protected.

The liability shield could also be repealed – this would take an act of Congress.

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