Bills to Watch

  • Vaccination should always be voluntary.
  • The liability shield granted to public health, pediatrics and pharmaceutical interests should be repealed immediately.

In Vermont: 


Please SUPPORT H 247 – a bill to require the Dept. of Health to submit an annual report to the Legislature regarding adverse vaccine reactions. This bill is “on the wall” in the Vermont House Healthcare Committee

Bill info:

H.247 has tri-partisan support and many sponsors.

  • Please contact the bill sponsors and members of the Vermont House Healthcare Committee,  and ask them to help SUPPORT and PASS H.247 in this biennium. H.247 is important to use because it adds transparency for consumers and lawmakers.

To prevent vaccine reactions and associated injuries, other legislative improvements could be made. For example:

  1. In Vermont, the human right and parental right to make a fully informed vaccine choice should be protected. A law protecting parental informed consent for vaccination for minors under the age of 18, and the right for all Vermonters to say no, should be passed.
  1. On a Federal level the liability shield must be repealed – this would take an act of Congress. Please visit this page for more on what our congressional delegates could do to help us.
  2. In General, health care providers are informed of vaccine risks by way of the FDA required labeling but these risks are not being passed on. All consumers hear is, “safe and effective” (presumably because the products are FDA approved). Vermont parents and consumers should receive more adequate warnings of product risks as listed in package inserts.

Federal Legislative Solutions: 

Please visit this page for more on what our congressional delegates could do to help us.

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