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Voices for Choice / The Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice is a non-partisan, broad-based volunteer organization of parents, scientists and health care providers who care about scientific integrity, journalistic independence and consumer protection. Our members’ shared, core belief is that all Vermont residents, should have the basic human right through informed consent, to make health choices on behalf of ourselves and our children without coercion or penalty.

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Informed consent is the bedrock of ethical medicine in a free society, and means being given all information, and free choice without coercion. Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice members assert that the right to decline vaccinations cannot be removed without destroying the essential right to informed consent for medical interventions. The threat of the loss of the right to have our children attend a public or private school unless we agree to vaccinate them is coercion.
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Vermont parents take vaccine decisions very seriously. We want to ensure that all parents and Vermonters are guaranteed the right to truthful information on vaccine products and the right to make medical decisions for their children without being penalized by loss of educational or employment opportunities. We are non-partisan because this is not a “D” or an “R” thing, this is a human right.

We need to raise funds and awareness to protect consumers and the human right to freely make medical decisions.

We are not “anti-vaccine” – we are pro-every-parent-having-a-choice.

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2015 Vermont House Healthcare Committee Hearing on Mandatory Vaccination of Children, after bill S.87 was inserted into bill H.98 in sneak amendment.
2012 House Healthcare Committee Hearing on Mandatory Vaccination of Children. Bills H.137/S.199 intended to strip the right to informed consent for vaccination, from Vermont parents. The bill was defeated.


Throughout history, school child vaccination has always been voluntary in the state of Vermont. (click to read more...)

However, in 2012, there was an effort to remove a parent’s right to consent (or not) to the medical treatment if they want to send their child to school. Citizens concerned about being forced to use vaccines, parents who have vaccine injured children and people concerned about the shoddy science supporting the safety and purported health benefits of the current “CDC recommended schedule” came together to preserve the parental right to informed consent for vaccination.

In 2015, we rose once again to defend our right to informed consent for vaccination of our children. On April 15, 2015,  Senators Mullin, Sears and Campbell inserted a sneak amendment into George Till’s bill, H.98 (see: Pending third reading, Senator(s) Campbell, Mullin, and Sears motion to amend proposal of amendment). At worst, this was dirty politics, or at best it was contrived and planned politic, with the march of Dimes and CDC lobbying along with medical and pharma). Many Senators rose against this procedural game being played on Vermont parents (who were not allowed to give testimony before the Senate vote).

On return to the house, the amended bill was kick balled to another committee, not the one that originally crafted the bill. In the final vote that enacted a mandatory vaccine and cancer compliance registry for all vermonters, and eliminated the philosophical exemption, the house was divided.  In just an 85-57 vote, Vermont parents saw their rights stripped before their very eyes. This vote was so contentious that there was even a motion to reconsider in the House the next day! View bill history.

We are not anti-vaccination, but rather stand for a family’s right to make medical decisions based upon truthful information on the risks and benefits. We believe that our children’s education should not be held hostage to medical politics. Free and prior informed consent means no coercion.

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Posted by Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice on Monday, May 11, 2015

Above: 2015 Public Hearing on Mandatory Vaccination of Children in Vermont.

Informed consent was later stripped from Vermont parents, but needs to be re-instated.

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