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You must support parental vaccine choice!

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Write a letter in YOUR OWN WORDS…. Containing certain talking points… Example:

Dear Honorable Governor Shumlin,

If our vaccine exemptions are repealed, I will call on you to veto. Here is why:

  • Your Health Commissioner knows that vaccination rates today are now higher than they have been since the State began collecting data on schools. He should leave our exemptions alone!
  • If Your Health Commissioner succeeds at getting the legislature to repeal my philosophical exemption, you will force me to pretend to be religious and I will take the religious exemption which will change nothing at all.
  • I heard that Chen and the doctor lobby wants to remove the religious exemption next – and if that happens I will pull my kids out of school and home-school or move out of state. Some parents are already considering suing their school districts.
  • Why not support the right to free choice? Parents are the last line of defense in protecting the health of our children and all children need to be protected – including children or siblings of children who are vaccine-sensitive.
  • Vaccination policy should remain voluntary always. The science is not settled.

Mr. Governor, the Ann Donahue Amendment from May 8th is a decent compromise that your office should support. The Donahue proposal supports health choice and parental rights. Although this amendment makes parents jump through hoops to take vaccine exemptions, it supports choice and will be more effective than simply shifting philosophical exemptions to religious exemptions. Please direct your Commissioner to preserve, not erode our rights! Please consider telling him to support the Ann Donahue Amendment of May 8th, 2015.

Please fax your letters NOW to VT Governor Peter Shumlin, Fax#: 802-828-3339

No fax at home? Use https://faxzero.com

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