2016 Election: Candidate Positions.

Get to Know your Elected & Candidate Positions on Vaccine Choice, and vote accordingly!

Responses to our ELECTION SURVEY are rolling in – and we have a lot of support!

Reports this far (updated August 2, 2016):

Vermont Elected Senators: who are proponents of Mandatory Vaccine (drug) injections:

(listen to Vermont Senate Floor Discussion 2015-04-16 to hear Senators discuss removal of the philosophical exemption)

Sen. Claire Ayer D Sen. Richard Mazza D
Sen. Rebecca Balint D Sen. Richard McCormack D
Sen. Philip Baruth D Sen. Kevin Mullin R
Sen. John Campbell D Sen. John Rodgers D
Sen. Brian Campion D Sen. Richard Sears D
Sen. Brian Collamore R Sen. Michael Sirotkin D
Sen. Dustin Degree R Sen. Diane Snelling R
Sen. Peg Flory R Sen. Robert Starr D
Sen. Virginia Lyons D Sen. Jeanette White D

* We encourage all of our supporters to vet their districts’ candidates prior to primaries and elections by educating them and also by asking them to participate in our 2016 Election Survey on Vaccination.

To find out where new Vermont candidates stand on this issue, please distribute this election survey link with a personal note to all candidates within your district. We will compile the information and share it back to you.

Contact information for candidates to whom you can send the survey can be found here: https://www.sec.state.vt.us/media/764964/2016-statewide-primary-qualified-candidates.xlsx.