Reinstate Vermont’s Philosophical Exemption.

Want to delay or say no to even one booster shot? Better help us on hold on to our our exemption rights… Help us educate the public as to why Vermont’s Philosophical Exemption is essential… Become a member, today –


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  • The ability to “exempt” from mandatory vaccination on grounds of health philosophy, is scheduled to end on June 30, 2016. TAKE ACTION NOW – ask your lawmaker to reinstate our philosophical exemption!

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3. Please follow  up with your Vermont lawmakers

  • See CDC letter sent to those who supported our rights HERE/  see CDC letter sent to those who opposed our rights HERE).
  • Also, the VT Dept of Health has identified HPV vaccine “uptake” as a priority this year. But in trying to achieve their sales targets, they are not being truthful or balanced in the information they are providing to Vermont consumers. This has to change. We have sent a letter, cc-ing ALL VERMONT SENATORS AND REPS, outlining the science that disputes what the health department is telling consumers. You can read it here: Letter to Health Department on HPV Vaccine false and misleading claims.

August, 2015 – We are petitioning Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch to please investigate alleged CDC fraud and malfeasance.
Take Action:
1. Read, download, print and share the Briefing Document.
2. Sign the Petition.
3. Read, download, print and share the Press Release.
4. Contact your Vermont lawmaker: Find your elected VT lawmaker’s phone numbers hereRemind them that we should all demand nothing short of transparency, honesty and ethical conduct from the government agencies charged with the health and safety of our children. In light of alleged CDC research fraud, ask for them to call for an immediate, independent investigation and reinstatement of Vermont’s philosophical vaccine exemption. 

  • Read our letter to Governor Shumlin, Dr. Harry Chen and Speaker Shap Smith, calling for a reinstatement, HERE
  • Letters have also been sent to all Vermont lawmakers. Contact yours today! Find your elected VT lawmaker’s phone numbers here.

Lancet (Aug 2015): Making vaccination truly compulsory: well intentioned but ill conceived.

“Every Last One” by Louise Kuo Habakus on the false narrative of the righteous “pro-vaccine” vs. dangerous “anti-vaxxers.”

8/26/2015 British Medical Journal: Vaccine mandates in the US are doing more harm than good, By Allen S. Cunningham, MD