Free and informed health choices. No Coercion.

This year, parents plan to continue to file philosophical vaccine exemption forms to modify or say no to VT’s now mandatory (unless religious) school vaccine schedule.

Note: Parents are reporting difficulty in obtaining vaccine exemptions from doctors. Are you having the same problems? Please, contact us HERE.

Thank you for visiting. We believe that vaccine choice is a human right, and that parents should be provided with fair and accurate information about the medical products that their children are prescribed – most especially, vaccines.

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Did you know?

> In 2007, there was a bill introduced to mandate HPV vaccination in Vermont.

> Until 2012, Vermont respected differing preventative health philosophies when it came to vaccines. The form was relatively easy to fill out. In 2012 there was a failed attempt to remove Vermont’s Philosophical Vaccine Exemption but the form was changed and heavy tracking of those refusing any state-mandated vaccine, was placed upon schools. (link to VTDigger/Vermontbiz)

>In 2015, several bills were introduced to remove exemption rights and to enhance tracking of those refusing any state-mandated vaccine. A last-minute amendment was jammed onto another bill a month before end of session, and in just 29 days, with only very limited testimony taken, Vermont’s philosophical exemption was repealed.  Many parents protested and continue to work to reverse this decision. Please get involved today.

May 27, 2015

  • A closed book on a debate that should open minds: Despite all that vaccinations have done for us, how can we take Big Pharma at its word? (
  • Anti-Mandatory Protesters Urge Shumlin to Veto Mandatory Vaccine Bill (VTDigger)

May 26, 2015

Thank you to all the 50+ brave warriors who came out  – on a work day no less – to call on Governor Peter Shumlin to do the right thing (read more).

Open Letter Petitioning Governor Peter Shumlin to Veto H98.

Several Vermont citizens have written an open letter to Governor Peter Shumlin on why he should veto H98.  Join them in signing this open letter: Preserve our right as parents to make informed medical decisions for our children.

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May 18, 2015

  • Watch Vermont Senate 2 hour testimony here.
  • Watch Vermont House Public Hearing here.
  • Watch Vermont House Floor Debate here: (Part 1 and Part 2).
  • Voices for Vaccine Choice, 2015 … (

May 14, 2015

cooltext115385657640614 “…We affirm the right for all individuals, including parents and guardians on behalf of children or incapacitated adults , to prior, free and informed consent to vaccination, which is a preventive medical procedure. We oppose any law or policy that would coerce people to vaccinate against their religious, philosophical, medical or personal beliefs…” Click here to view full statement.

Despite vaccination rates up and exemption rates down, VT Health Commissioner aims at repeal of non-medical exemptions, wants 100% of Vermonters vaccinated.


May 13, 2015

Thank you so much to the 300+ individuals who showed up last night to stand up for our rights. Sadly, the Vermont House of Representatives voted today to repeal our philosophical exemption (H98).

The amendment that we had agreed to support was valiantly drafted and explained by Rep. Donahue. It was also supported by many Reps. on the floor, but lost by a hairline margin of 73-71.

After the amendment failed, Representatives Till, Dakin, Poirier, Pearson, Bankroft and Briglin ponied in a 85-57 vote to repeal Vermont’s philosophical vaccine exemption. All in all, our House Representatives were worn out, tired, and eager to go home. Many questioned why so much time was spent on this topic so late in the session, and wondered if we should delay consideration until January, 2016.

The exact language of what passed the house, and the official roll call are not yet publicly available. The House version that passed today slightly expanded the medical exemption, delayed implementation of repeal until July 2016, and included a study group to explore how to implement mandatory vaccination of school staff. It will head to the Senate (probably Thursday) for a vote of concurrence.


  1. The Governor may wish to hear from you about how this decision will impact your family and your children, your schools and your communities. Telephone him Weds-Fri,8-5 pm, at (802) 828 3333– [email protected].
  2. Find your Senator(s) hereand call them Weds-Fri, 8-5 pm at (802) 828 2228, to ask for support in preserving your right to say no to big pharma.
  3. Touch base with your representative(s) to discuss how they voted and why. Thank your representatives is they voted to preserve the exemption. The many Reps. who voted “anti-choice” are glad that “this Thing” is finally just going to go away. Do you think that they are correct in this assessment? Be polite and kind…

May 6, 2015: More Testimony submitted to House Healthcare

May 5, 2015:

Testimony of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – (press release)-(media coverage)- READ MORE

*Watch Trace Amounts: a film that the public MUST SEE – NOW


Why is the doctor lobby saying the science is settled?

Immunization Data – Where is it?

Analysis of JAMA Study April 21

Senate Recap – What Happened?

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If you support choice, and oppose mandatory vaccination,

CALL your Representatives at home Sat+Sun

  • Find your representative contact information HERE.
  • Come to the State House on Monday for the public hearing.


Support health choice when it comes to drugs for your children – Preserve the right to “exemption” from mandatory vaccination. Call your representatives NOW.

We are not advocating for “no vaccinations” – we are advocating for the program to remain voluntary, with philosophical exemptions.

The debate about compulsory vaccination is fundamentally one of individual control over one’s own body versus perceptions of public safety.  “When personal liberty is restricted to protect public health, the measures applied must be effective, the least restrictive (i.e. least liberty-infringing), proportional to the risk, equitable and non-discriminatory, minimally burdensome and in line with due process. Those whose liberty is violated should, when appropriate, be compensated, particularly if they experience vaccine-associated side-effects. In addition, individual rights should be restricted only with utmost respect for the dignity of persons.”

This issue demands an examination from multiple perspectives: human rights, corporate influence, constitutional law, education policy as well as public health. Each of these issues deserves a thorough examination by our Legislature, not a repeat of what occurred in the Senate. The families who will be most effected by this decision deserve a public hearing and the ability to testify in committee. Health, Education and Judiciary Committees should all hear of the impact of such draconian legislation.

Please urge your House representative to vote no on H98.

These are some of the open questions:

  • What vaccines are next to be mandated? (Vermont purchased $2.5 million of HPV vaccines, plus many others not “required” this year. For list of the required vaccines – click here. For list of the purchased vaccines – click here.
  • Why are vaccine reactions routinely ignored and why do they go unreported?
  • Why are public record requests to the Vermont Department of Health to release immunization rates for the current school year (2014-2015) still pending?
  • Why does the vaccination rate target continue to rise every few years? There was no “golden age” from which we are falling (click here to see more). Immunization rate goals are now near 100%, but pharma should never be forced just to meet changing “goals”.
  • We all want healthy and safe children. Recently vaccinated people can pose a risk due to viral shedding – why are they not kept away from school during the shedding period? Waning vaccine-induced immunity has been shown to be the major culprit in whooping cough and maybe even measles outbreaks, why do we not perform titer testing to see who is immune as an alternative?
  • Why not support the right of parent to make choice, especially when there is no liability for these vaccine products?
  • The Senate has not addressed issues of fundamental fairness. For example, a vaccinated child who is already infected with Hepatitis-B would be allowed in school, while a healthy child not vaccinated for Hepatitis-B would be excluded. A child presumably too sick to attend school will be allowed to attend, while a healthy, partially vaccinated or untreated child will be excluded from any child care or even private school school if the bill passes? Immune-compromised children already have special accommodation in the case they cannot attend school; are they really safe going into large crowds?

The education of present and future school children hangs in the balance.