March, 2015

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Support Medical Freedom.

Why must we ask for permission to say “no, thanks” to mandatory medicine?

cooltext115385657640614 “…We affirm the right for all individuals, including parents and guardians on behalf of children or incapacitated adults , to prior, free and informed consent to vaccination, which is a preventive medical procedure. We oppose any law or policy that would coerce people to vaccinate against their religious, philosophical, medical or personal beliefs…”

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cooltext115414055688534… for Trace Amounts, April 21st @ the Roxy in Burlington, Vermont, 7 pm.

From the Mad Hatter Syndrome in the late 1800’s, to Pink Disease in the first half of the 20th to the Iraqi Grain Incident in the early 1970’s, humans have learned time and again of the debilitating neurological and physical damage that mercury can cause. Then why and how did it end up in our childhood vaccines? Trace Amounts explores the origin of the use of mercury in the vaccines and exposes the continued greed based decision to keep mercury in the vaccines through several decades. Could a tragedy, which brought one of the greatest nations to its knees and stole a generation of children, have been avoided? Watch Trace Amounts and you decide. Advance Ticket Sales Only will guarantee a seat. Visit:


It’s ok to “support immunizations” and still support the Right to Choose by keeping the program VOLUNTARY – with philosophical and religious exemptions from mandatory medicine.

This website is a place to start exploring the science that the industry refuses to acknowledge, the science they do not want parents to consider when making these important decisions for their children. Thanks for visiting!

  • Do Vaccines Promote Health? 
  • Dr. Suzanne Humphries in Burlington, Vermont, October, 2014
  • Full Video (2 h) – watch now.
    • Part 1 (15 mins) – watch now.
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
    • Part 5
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