September News

September 30, 2013

September 26, 2013

  • Measles Reports in America – Driven by a UN goal for eradication?
  • The Coalition for Vaccine Safety has called for Congressional hearings and action to amend the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Look for this hearing to take place in Washington, DC this November.

September 20, 2013

  • Those encouraging strict adherence to CDC scheduling (no parental exemptions for schoolchildren) are using claims that unvaccinated children and teachers could infect others and put immunocompromised folks (for whom we all care about!) at risk (see report). But they really cannot have it both ways.
  • For example, the new GMO, four-strain flu vaccine to be “targeted toward kids” is infectious to others via the recently vaccinated. This warning was documented in clinical trials and put directly into the required FDA product labeling, found here, in the “Highlights of Prescribing Information” for doctors.
  • We call your attention to p.13 (“Vaccine viruses capable of infection and replication can be cultured from nasal secretions obtained from vaccine recipients <shedding>” and p.15 (where actual transmission of vaccine-virus is confirmed). Read more/download printable info sheet…

September 17, 2013

Some risk, how much risk?

Pharma liability shield prevents vaccine “discovery” – so that answer remains truly hidden.

Measles Outbreaks: What Is Going on?

Measles outbreaks have been reported in Texas and in Massachusetts. They are in turn driving intense media stories and accusations that families choosing not to be vaccinated are to blame. What is going on?

One topic that is not being discussed is the fact that measles vaccination “can have a range of unexpected consequences as it reduces the natural boosting of immunity” and that, “the interaction between vaccination and waning immunity can lead to pronounced epidemic cycles in which the peak levels of infection can be of the orders of magnitude greater than the mean.”

[reference: 2009 study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society]

September 16, 2013

  • VT Representatives Support Parents’ Vaccination Reservation – read more…
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September 12, 2013

  • The CDC has known for 12 years that even children vaccinated against whooping cough still serve as potential transmitters of whooping cough. This study, displayed on the CDC website, demonstrates that children vaccinated with the older DTP vaccine (whole cell) still could get, carry and transmit the bacteria to others since they showed nasopharyngeal colonization and immunological signs of recent infection.
  • The new, acellular “DTaP” vaccine is not working. For more on whooping cough – see: Whooping Cough Facts That Everyone Should Know.

September 11, 2013

September 6, 2013:

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September 2, 2013:

  • A scathing Report to the Parliament of India levels very serious accusations against PATH and vaccine makers concerning atrocities committed during HPV vaccine trials…Excerpt from report: