CDC Mandatory Vaccine Schedule: 1983 vs 2013

As of late, we’ve heard several (well intentioned) grandparents use the following argument in favor of blindly vaccinating with any and all injections available in the United States, ‘Well, you had all your vaccinations when you were born and you are just fine… Why not give them all to your baby?!’

The following chart highlights just one of the reasons that this argument is not logical. Vaccines (and the quantities in which they are given) in the U.S. are dramatically different today than they were 40, 30, or even 20 years ago.

When it comes to vaccines: Be informed. Know each individual vaccine and the disease it is correlated with. Know your individual child’s risk factor both for getting the disease (and/or actually being harmed by it) and the likelihood of adverse effects due to over-vaccination. Know how natural, life-long immunity is built in the body, and how it benefits an individual over his/her lifetime. Understand the most powerful of infant immunizations –exclusive breastfeeding. Make decisions on a vax-by-vax basis. There is no reason to blindly say ‘yes’ to 36-38 injections before your baby turns 66 months of age.”

quoted from Dr. Momma