The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention

From The British Society for Ecological Medicine:

“The BSEM Scientific Conference in March 2011 was organised by Dr David Freed… David worked with the speakers to put papers into an agreed and acceptable format, and wrote a personal introduction. The next day he died suddenly. What follows are the last words that he wrote…

It seems to me that the ethical background to vaccination – giving potentially harmful medications to healthy individuals in the hope of keeping them that way – has never been clearly addressed… Who gave us the right (a) to invade the bodies of healthy people who never asked us to, and (b) to do it not only without explanation of the possible risks, but in some countries even applying coercive pressures, denying the existence of the risks, and suppressing relevant information?

– Dr. David Freed

The issue of vaccination and its risks arouse strong emotions, not least of fear – fear of public attack for speaking out, for one. These are the conference presentations that we are permitted to publish. Several booked speakers withdrew, for various reasons, so are not posted. Some speakers were unable to attend, but were keen for their papers to be included in the proceedings; they are posted here.”